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Money Talks

  1. money talks
    Bloomingdale’s Workers Might Go on Strike Come May 1They’re rallying today at the NYC flagship for better health care and wages.
  2. money talks
    7 Women’s Organizations to Donate to Instead of Buying a T-ShirtThat “pussy grabs back” tee is cute, but why not donate directly to Planned Parenthood?
  3. u r $
    Did You Know We Are All Made of Money? Let Casey Jane Ellison Explain“We’re all stuck in the system. So get in the system, baby!”
  4. no shows
    GOP Billionaire Rainmaker Charles Koch Sat Out Kansas CaucusesHasn’t picked a candidate to back yet.
  5. money talks
    Harry Shearer Speaks Up About The SimpsonsPokes holes in Fox’s “business model” argument.
  6. money talks
    Big Banks Don’t Pay Like They Used ToUnless you include Bank of America.
  7. money talks
    We’re All Still Dependent on Saudi ArabiaThey are the only reason intelligence officials were able to find those bombs on planes.
  8. too big to fail
    Bank of America Invents New MathThey said they reviewed more than 100,000 documents when they really reviewed 1,000.
  9. money talks
    Bailed-Out Companies Throw Cash at Anti-Bailout CandidatesIt’s a logical move, like throwing tea off the side of the boat.
  10. money talks
    The Chamber of Commerce Is Apparently Not Just a Coalition of Small Businesses“Unless you spend $250,000 to $500,000 a year … they don’t pay any attention to you at all.”