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Money Woes

  1. Debt-Reduction Super-Committee Is Super DeadlockedNot surprisingly, nobody is budging.
  2. Senate Reaches Agreement to Avoid Government ShutdownMitch McConnell called the plan “reasonable.”
  3. money woes
    The Tooth Fairy Is Cutting BackThe economy is tough on us all.
  4. Harry Reid Will Give GOP Senators a Chance to Show Their Enthusiasm for Cutting MedicareHe’s loving this.
  5. If Obama Loves Taxes So Much, Why Doesn’t He Marry Them?Why doesn’t he just start paying more taxes now?
  6. Americans Still Don’t Want to Cut Anything We Actually Spend Money OnSurprise surprise.
  7. House Passes Paul Ryan Budget Plan, With Zero Democratic SupportIt will now die in the Senate, like all things.
  8. House Passes Budget CompromiseDemocrats make the GOP sweat.
  9. President Obama Explains Why His Plan Is Better Than Paul Ryan’sAlso: why government is good!
  10. Obama’s Debt Plan: Those Other Dudes’ Debt PlanObama will reportedly back the yet-to-be-released Gang of 6 plan tomorrow.
  11. John Heilemann on Hardball: Republicans Are Fighting the Wrong FightThis is the biggest mistake they could possibly be making right now.”
  12. While Clock Ticks on Government Shutdown, Democrats and Republicans Play ChickenPresident Obama is “not yet prepared to express wild optimism.”
  13. After Emergency Meeting, Government Shutdown Closer to Happening, Not Happening [Updated]A late-night meeting doesn’t foster a deal.
  14. Shutdown Might Happen Over a Measly $7 BillionThat’s pretty much nothing.
  15. Government Shutdown Maybe Happening For Real This Time? [Updated]Yes, maybe.
  16. Americans Overestimate Amount of Foreign Aid in Budget by 900 PercentObviously?
  17. John Boehner Caught Between Barack and a Tea PartyCan he craft a deal that appeases both the White House and the tea party?
  18. The Government Will Run for Another Three WeeksThree more weeks! Three more weeks!
  19. Congress to Pass Another Short-Term Budget BillGovernment shutdown averted, for now, again.
  20. Senate Passes Two-Week Budget BillNine senators voted against.
  21. House Passes Budget BillDemocrats were split.
  22. GOP Budget Cuts Would Kill 700,000 Jobs Through 2012That’s according to Moody’s Analytics chief economist, Mark Zandi.
  23. Government Shutdown Probably Not Happening for NowCongress is closing in on a deal to avert a shutdown with $4 billion in cuts over two weeks.
  24. Goldman Sachs Analysis: GOP Budget Would Slow EconomyWhoops.
  25. House Votes to Cut $60 Billion in Federal SpendingThe plan will soon be challenged by Obama and the Senate.
  26. Government Shutdown ‘More Likely Than Not’According to a high-ranking aide to Nancy Pelosi.
  27. Who Will Be Blamed for the Government Shutdown?The one that became more likely today.
  28. Centrists Take Aim at the Budget’s Sacred CowsDaring to touch the third rail of politics.
  29. Obama’s 2012 Budget: $1.65 Trillion Deficit Means More Cuts, Less StimulusIs that the biggest deficit ever in your budget, or are you just unhappy to see me?
  30. FDNY to Charge Extra Fee for Doing FDNY ThingsGetting help from the FDNY after a car accident is going to set you back $365 to $490.
  31. Now You Can Be Fined for Throwing Trash in a Trash CanThe city is really starting to get nitpicky.
  32. The Deficit Commission and Political CourageThe commission failed to come up with a plan that politicians could actually vote for.
  33. Mayor Bloomberg Cutting Prison Bread Rations From Eight to Six Slices Per DayThis will save $1.5 million over the next eighteen months.
  34. Americans Only Want to Cut the Deficit on a Theoretical LevelWhen it comes to actually cutting things … not so much.
  35. Governor Paterson Threatens Layoffs, Throws Out Illogical First PitchDoes a first pitch for T-ball make any sense?
  36. Bloomberg to Avoid Teacher Layoffs by Canceling RaisesA total of 4,400 teacher jobs are saved.
  37. Governor Paterson Dares Legislature to Shut Down GovernmentWould the legislature dare?
  38. Health-Care Ad Doesn’t Aim for SubtletyOpponents liken Paterson’s budget cuts to a giant, angry lizard beast.
  39. New Yorkers Want to Get High and Forget About Their Dysfunctional GovernmentMedical marijuana gets high marks.
  40. Like Abe Vigoda, Budget Deficits Will Be Around ForeverWe will never run a surplus again.
  41. New Yorkers Don’t Think Cage Fights Are the Way to Close the Budget GapFine, we’ll just raise your taxes then.
  42. Governor Paterson Leans on Smokers, Soda Drinkers to Close Budget GapThe fat tax is back!