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Dave Chappelle Talks Fame, Standup, ‘Chappelle’s Show,’ and More

Ahead of the release of his new standup specials at Netflix, Dave Chappelle recently met up with Gayle King for a lengthy CBS This Morning interview that aired today, which covers everything from his decision to walk away from Chappelle's Show [...]

By Megh Wright

John Oliver Talks ‘Last Week Tonight’ on ‘CBS This Morning’

Here's a clip from John Oliver's visit to today's CBS This Morning, which has an interesting history with Last Week Tonight in that Oliver featured hosts Gayle King, Nora O'Connell, and Charlie Rose in a previous segment highlighting their [...]

By Megh Wright

T.J. Miller Was Super Funny and Weird on a Morning Show Again

Comedian T.J. Miller went on an Omaha morning show today and, as he is known to do on these shows, steamrolled the hosts so he could do fun bits. More comedians should act like how Miller and his Chicago standup colleague Hannibal Buress do on [...]

By Bradford Evans

Watch Nick Offerman’s Appearance on ‘The Today Show’

Here's Parks and Rec's Nick Offerman on The Today Show this morning, promoting his new book, Paddle Your Own Canoe, while Al Roker and Willie Geist interview him while sitting on top of each other in a canoe for some reason.

By Bradford Evans

T.J. Miller Took Over A Morning Show in Kansas City

Proving yet again that local morning programs can be awesome with the right guest, T.J. Miller dropped by a breakfast show in Kansas City yesterday and, as is his way, completely took over the segment. Inexplicably soaking wet, T.J. managed to [...]

By Elise Czajkowski