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Mr. Sunshine Recap: ‘Heather’s Sister’

I’m sure I sound like a broken record at this point — a broken record of a song that you barely tolerated in the first place — but it must be said that Mr. Sunshine should probably be retitled The Allison Janney Program and feature her [...]

By Joe Berkowitz

Mr. Sunshine Recap: ‘Employee of the Year’

In the second episode of Mr. Sunshine, it’s the 10th anniversary of Ben's (Matthew Perry) hire date at the Sunshine Arena, and nobody remembers! Last week, on the pilot, it was his birthday that had him all melancholy and reflective. If this [...]

By Joe Berkowitz

Mr. Sunshine Recap: ‘Pilot’

It is still very much midseason, you guys! That means new shows continue coming down the pike so that we may judge them like the court jesters they are, and decide whether they live

By Joe Berkowitz

ABC Adding a Three-Hour Comedy Block to Wednesday Nights

NBC isn't the only network adding a supersized 3-hour comedy block to their schedule; ABC is doing the same thing on Wednesdays starting in February. Matthew Perry's new sitcom, Mr. Sunshine, is taking Cougar Town's place while it takes a brief [...]

By Adam Frucci