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Lady Gaga: Big in Europe!

She dominates the MTV Europe awards, as Justin Bieber defeats Kanye and Eminem.

By Avi Zenilman

Huey Lewis on His New Soul Album and the Eternal Power of Love

"Steven Spielberg told us 'We've written this film, the character is Marty McFly, and his favorite band is Huey Lewis and the News. How about writing a song for the movie?' I was flattered but didn't much fancy writing a song called 'Back to the Future.'"

By Bryan Hood

Watch Oprah Reunite the Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys, who performed "I Want It That Way" on the show, will tour with New Kids on the Block. This is progress?

By Nisha Gopalan

T.I. Speaks

"If I never went to prison, never did drugs, never f'ed up again, did everything right and never made great music … would you even care enough to comment on T.I.?"

By Amos Barshad