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  1. Flake Calls Trump a Model for Speech-Suppressing TyrantsInstead of issuing Fake News Media Awards, Trump was blasted by a senator calling him the inspiration for free-speech enemies everywhere.
  2. Andrew Sullivan: The Assault on MuellerWe’ve learned a new and sickening thing this month: GOP tribalism demands that the special counsel be aggressively smeared.
  3. What Happens When Facebook Controls the NewsAn extreme example of how the filter bubble works.
  4. Nobel Peace Prize Winner Still Ignoring Mass Atrocity in Country She LeadsMyanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi seems to be unwilling to discuss her country’s military assault against the Rohingya.
  5. Activists Say Facebook Is Removing Their Posts About Rohingya Ethnic CleansingPosts about the military’s action against an ethnic minority are getting flagged for no discernible reason.
  6. Myanmar Might Get a Woman President Before the United States DoesIf the birthers don’t get to her.
  7. Opposition Poised to Win Myanmar’s First Free General Election in 25 YearsThe voting seems to have gone smoothly, marking a major milestone in the country’s transition to democracy.
  8. Burma Shave
    Anthony Bourdain Is Now Foiling Secret Service Keg PartiesParty-pooper.
  9. Indigestion
    Pepsi Joins Coke in MyanmarThey may beat the real thing, or at least drive smaller companies out of business.
  10. Indigestion,
    Imperiled in New York, Coca-Cola Returns to BurmaAfter a 60-year ban, Myanmar is getting the Real Thing back.