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  1. let's makeup
    You Can Try Tatcha’s New Mystery Product for Free at SephoraHere’s what it is and how you can try it.
  2. algorithms
    Algorithms Are Black Boxes — Even to the Tech Companies That Make ThemThe complex webs of code tech companies rely on produce results, but even they don’t know how. It’s time for them to admit it.
  3. select all
    Just a Few Questions About This Microwave DungeonFirst of all, why? And second of all, what?
  4. The 10 Best Thriller Books of 2017The most unsettling of escapism.
  5. select all
    What the Heck Does the Letter J Stand for on this Dumb Rug?I am perplexed.
  6. mystery!
    It’s That Time of Year: Goat Heads Are Starting to Appear in BrooklynWell, at least one was discovered in Crown Heights.
  7. mystery!
    Why Do Severed Goat Heads Keep Turning Up in Brooklyn?Some say it’s a strange religious ritual. Others, a prank. I went on a quest to find the answer.
  8. mystery!
    Channing Tatum in Talks for Bad RomanceAbout which we know eerily little.
  9. Mystery
    Clues in the Josh Rubin, of Whisk Café, CaseSuspects at Woodbury Commons.
  10. francophile
    James Franco May Star in Movie As Mystery, the Pickup ArtistIn an adaptation of The Game.