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  1. feet beat
    Dancers Share Secrets About Fixing Up Your Gnarled FeetBusted feet? You can still wear sandals! 
  2. change?
    How New York Is Cracking Down on Nail SalonsNail salons must now inform workers of their rights. 
  3. beauty gif
    How to Give Yourself a Salon-Worthy ManicureAll in the comfort of your own home. 
  4. lab rat
    A Gentle Nail-Polish Remover That Actually WorksYou won’t be rubbing for hours. 
  5. health
    Obsessing Over Your Nails Is a Bad IdeaAccording to these fancy, new nail equations.
  6. questionable recruitment
    Female Stanford MBAs Will Work for ManicuresSo thinks McKinsey & Company.
  7. marketing ploys
    New Body Shame of the Day: DIY-Manicure ShameDon’t worry, there’s a product to solve this problem.
  8. lab rat
    Nail Stickers That Elicit Endless ComplimentsYour fingers will never get so much positive attention. 
  9. nailed it
    Stop the Pastels, Try Goth Nails for SummerBecause NARS and 3.1 Phillip Lim collaborated on a new line and it’s chic.
  10. beauty collaborations
    Preen and Nails, Inc. Are Doing an Ice-Cream-Inspired Capsule CollectionInspired by “ice-cream sundaes melting on dreamy holidays.”
  11. Best Bet: Uka Nail OilAromatherapy via scented cuticle.
  12. causes
    It’s Time for the Mani-Cam to DieIf ever there were a cause worth fighting for, this is it.
  13. best bet
    Best Bet: Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail WipesA nail polish remover that’s minty fresh. 
  14. holidaze
    How to Passive-Aggressively Communicate With Your Family Using Only Nail Polish Let your nail polish names do the talking for you.
  15. we are all cat ladies now
    Now You Can Wear Kitty-Cat Flats On Your NailsOh, the tweeness of it all.
  16. decoding manicures
    Decoding Drew Barrymore’s Nails to Learn About Her WombShe’s spoken about keeping pregnancy private, but there she goes with provocative nail art.
  17. nail art
    Your Manicure Is the UniverseFashion photographer Chris Peun zooms in and reveals the universe at your fingertips.
  18. lab rat
    Lab Rat: Can a Top Coat Strengthen Nails?Sure, you can take prenatal vitamins to get stronger nails — but can a nail top coat, with a tint, do it for you instead?
  19. Beauty Tips for When Mercury Is in Retrograde Lots of products to get you through bad days.
  20. Balmain Launches ‘Minimalist’ Nail CoutureMinimalism is the new rock and roll.
  21. nailed
    Meet the Sisters Who Revolutionized the Nail-Wrap Industry“We have more a psychographic then a demographic.”
  22. detail cam
    Beauty Cam: Topknots, Lipstick, and Rainbow HairThe Fashion Week crowd also seems to think blue is the warmest color.
  23. quotables
    Which Color Nail Polish Does Essie’s Husband Wear?“If it’s pleasing to the eye, it’s going to be pleasing to the soul.”
  24. An Ode to Snoop Dogg’s French TipsIt’s really a rap.
  25. non-apology
    Kelly Osbourne Is Sorry That She’s Not SorryAbout that $250k manicure.
  26. Beautygram: Handcrafted Plaid Nails at Rodarte Each one took fifteen minutes to make.
  27. manicurist for a day
    The Cut Plays Manicurist at 3.1 Phillip LimThe challenge: painting straight lines using nail polish.
  28. nailed it
    Get The Cut’s Custom Nail Polish Pink! Black!
  29. stuck in the mittle
    Red on Red on Red State: Ann’s Makeup and NailsThe dress wasn’t enough.
  30. olympic fever
    A Few Words on Olympic Nail ArtThe athletes’ default beauty statement.
  31. beauty marks
    Can Nail Salons Be the Next Starbucks?Once an executive for brands like Pizza Hut and Baskin Robbins, Sue Thirwall vows to franchise the nail salon.
  32. nailed
    Video: Undercover Local News Cameras in Cleveland Reveal Egregious Gel Manicure ErrorsNail technicians are giving customers fake gel manicures. Drama!
  33. beauty marks
    Mother-Daughter Tanning Is a Widespread Issue; Paul Rudd Goes Mountain ManPlus, Nicki Minaj in bringing back her Pink Friday MAC lipstick.
  34. beauty marks
    Kirsten Dunst’s New Bangs; Megan Fox’s Giorgio Armani Video SpotAlso, Chris Benz reaches for the Manic Panic.
  35. beauty marks
    Brazilian Blowout Takes Legal Action Against Formaldehyde Claims; Chanel Unveils Spring Nail Polish CollectionAnd Christina Aguilera tries out pink milkmaid braids.
  36. beauty marks
    Foot-Restructuring Surgery Gains Momentum; Cher’s Hair Is Bright OrangeAlso, Taylor Swift uses a Sharpie as eyeliner.
  37. beauty marks
    Emma Stone Goes Blonde; Wet ’n’ Wild ExpandsAlso, Bond No. 9 introduces a $2,500 perfume bottle.
  38. beauty marks
    Sephora’s President May Be Stepping Down; Jennifer Lopez Named Global Ambassador of L’OréalAlso, Michael Kors is launching a new fragrance.
  39. beauty marks
    Coty Buys OPI; David Beckham Grows a BeardPlus, Justin Bieber didn’t really cut his hair.
  40. beauty marks
    Taylor Swift’s New Bangs; Ke$ha’s Old Treasure-Troll HairAlso, people with moles develop fewer wrinkles, and Proactiv has a new face.
  41. sleep or spray-tan?
    Women in New York Do Not Let Sleep, Long Work Hours, or Husbands Get in the Way of Their Spray TanningWhich is why aestheticians are now making house calls at 6 a.m.
  42. beauty marks
    Beyoncé’s Banned Fragrance Ad; Kim Kardashian’s Hair ChainsAlso, Black Up makeup launches Stateside, and American Apparel debuts new nail-polish shades.
  43. beauty marks
    J.Lo’s Brows Look Bushier These Days; Liu Wen Does Mime ShootAlso, Dior improves its nail polish, and Olivia Wilde wears a bun.
  44. beauty marks
    Rachel Weisz Lands L’Oréal; John Freida Launches At-Home Hair DyeAlso, a Russian makeup artist transformed herself into Jared Leto with face paint.
  45. kids these days
    Justin Bieber Made Some Nail Polish to Sell Exclusively at Wal-MartQuick — make sure the 11-year-old girl next to you is still standing.
  46. beauty marks
    Pauly D Ditches the Spikes; Reality TV Awards Brides-to-Be With Plastic SurgeryAlso, Jason Wu’s models wore leather-textured nail polish on his spring runway.
  47. booze
    Times Discovers Joys of Free Booze With ManicuresAlso, the hazards.
  48. everything can be offensive!
    Nine More Potentially Offensive Nail-Polish NamesIf “Juarez” is so problematic, what else might people take offense to?
  49. tv
    Play Around on the Odd But Darkly Entertaining Interactive Website ‘Nails’It doesn’t make any sense, and it’s great.
  50. show me your feet
    Cristiano Ronaldo Painted His Toenails BlackHow passé.
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