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Najibullah Zazi

  1. Did Controversial NSA Spy Programs Really Help Prevent an Attack on the Subway?It’s unclear!
  2. PRISM Stopped Najibullah Zazi From Blowing Up Backpacks in the SubwayAn NSA success story. 
  3. Nine NYPD Officers Subpoenaed for Leaking Terror Plot DetailsDid the NYPD screw up the Najibullah Zazi bust for the FBI?
  4. Imam Involved With Subway-Terrorism Plot Leaves CountryAfter pleading guilty, he’s deported to Saudi Arabia.
  5. Top Al Qaeda Operative Was Involved in Last Year’s NYC Subway PlotFeds say he met with one of the would-be suicide bombers.
  6. Despite Warning From FBI, Port Authority Reportedly Let Zazi Through Checkpoint’Journal’ says Port Authority was tipped off, but still waved would-be subway bomber across bridge.
  7. Zazi Co-Conspirator to Plead GuiltyZarein Ahmedzay had previously plead not guilty.
  8. ‘Honest to God, It Was Never My Intention to Help Those Idiots for What They Do in the Name of Islam’That’s what Ahmad Wais Afzali, who was convicted of lying to police and informing would-be terrorist Najibullah Zazi that he was being monitored, had to say about his role in the foiled Queens terror plot.
  9. Zazi and Other Terrorists Planned to Target Times Square, Grand Central Subway StationsThe goal was to detonate two suicide bombs during rush hour.
  10. Zazi’s Classmates Likely To Face New Charges in Terror PlotThe two men will appear in court Thursday.
  11. As Anticipated, Zazi Pleads Guilty To Terrorism ChargesFormer Queens resident characterizes plot as “martyrdom operation.”
  12. Would-Be Terrorist Najibullah Zazi to Plead GuiltyAfter providing key information to the feds, of course.
  13. Najibullah Zazi Uncle ArrestedNaqib Jaji was secretly taken into custody this month.
  14. Najibullah’s Queens Ally Sought ‘To Kill U.S. Service Members in Afghanistan’Adis Medunjanin has been charged alongside his former high-school friend.
  15. Alleged Accomplices to Najibullah Zazi Arrested in QueensTwo men were apprehended, even though one tried to make an escape.
  16. It Actually Wasn’t Months of Careful Investigation That Led to Terror Charges Against ZaziIt was pretty much a last-minute scramble.
  17. ‘The Conspiracy Is International in Scope’There’s so much evidence in the case against Najibullah Zazi that it requires its own secret, secure room.
  18. Zazi’s Lawyer Tries His BestAs his client pleads not guilty, J. Michael Dowling does his thankless duty.
  19. Najibullah Zazi Had ‘At Least’ Three AccomplicesThe Queens “doughnut man” may have been part of a ring.
  20. Suspected Terrorist Was ‘the Doughnut Man’The ‘Times’ tries to understand Najibullah Zazi.
  21. Zazi Not Some Wannabe Slacker Terrorist Like Those Other GuysExperts say this case represented a true danger, for real this time.
  22. Najibullah Zazi Charged With Conspiracy to Use Weapons of Mass DestructionThe terror suspect was indicted today in New York.
  23. Mass-Transit Systems Put on Alert NationwideSo far, they’re just “precautionary.”
  24. Double-Crossing Queens Imam Weak Link in Terror PlotAhmad Wais Afzali was a double agent for the FBI, but also allegedly a double-crosser.
  25. Three Arrested In NYC Terror PlotNajibullah Zazi is in custody.
  26. New Evidence Shows Terror Suspect Might Have Targeted Fashion WeekSearch of suspects computer shows stadiums and fashion sites.
  27. Report: Zazi Admitted Al Qaeda TiesThe man who led to the raid of several homes in Queens earlier this week may be negotiating a plea.
  28. Report: Bomb-Making Guide Found on Colorado Terror Suspect’s ComputerNajibullah Zazi is acting strangely calm about all this.
  29. More Terror Raids in Queens Expected to Avert ‘Madrid-Style’ BombingsOur subway system is being eyed as a possible target for a suspected bomb plot.