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Name Changes

  1. Boy Scouts Planning Name Change to Welcome GirlsBaby steps.
  2. what's my motherfuckin name?
    Sorry, Copy Editors: JAY-Z Is Bringing Back the Hyphen, Going All CapsHe’s changed the official stylization of his name yet again.
  3. Reboots
    Golden Cadillac Will Reopen As Boilermaker Next MonthThe on-tap Zombie made with three kinds of rum is classified as “cool & refreshing” on the menu. This is going to be fun.
  4. Name Changes
    King & Grove Chain Will Now Be Known As ‘Chelsea Hotels’Potential new slogan: “You’ll remember them well.”
  5. Name Changes
    Brooklyn’s Mohawk Tavern Changes Name After Upsetting Native AmericansOnondaga is out too, probably.
  6. imaginary husbands
    Study: ‘Katie’ and ‘David’ Make the Best SpousesThe more generic the name, the better the hypothetical marriage.
  7. Ra-Ra-Rasputin
    Coney Island Avenue’s Doomed Rasputin Goes by ‘Romanoff’ NowThe tsar triumphs, sort of.
  8. name changes
    Fergie Made Her Famous Name OfficialSo long, Stacy Ann.
  9. what's in a name?
    Charlie Sheen Might Be Ditching His Stage NameGuess he’s dragged it through the mud enough.
  10. name changes
    Now Jamie Foxx Is in Talks to Play Daddy WarbucksBut he’ll be named “Benjamin Stacks.”
  11. Name Changes
    Hinsch in Bay Ridge Now Called ‘Mike’s Hinsch’Changes at the Bay Ridge luncheonette.
  12. Name Changes
    Will Gilson’s Bridgestreet Will Become Puritan & Co., But No Hard FeelingsSo many “bridges” in Cambridge!
  13. name changes
    Lily Allen Will Now Be Known As Lily Rose CooperSo, get used to it.
  14. name changes
    Liz Claiborne Is Changing Its NameTo Fifth & Pacific Cos. Inc.
  15. Name Changes
    Jacky’s Table Reborn As Petit Robert BistroA bistro says au revoir to its name.
  16. Name Changes
    Gennaro’s Loses Its NameThe latest Harris project changes its name right before opening.
  17. Name Changes
    Urban Burger Bar Loses the UrbanBurger Bar loses the Urban.
  18. Name Changes
    Rivera Sedlar Plans Playa at Old Grace Space, Not R26Sedlar reveals some new dishes and makes Downtown’s R23 pretty happy along the way.
  19. Beefs
    The Last Word On Graham Elliot’s Last NameGraham Elliot makes it official.
  20. Cartography
    One Lump for Sugar TruckThe recently launched truck changes its name
  21. made-off
    Bernie Madoff’s Daughter-in-Law Finally Decides to Change Her NameIt’s about time.
  22. Name Changes
    Westlake Village’s Bad Ass Coffee Changes NameWestlake Village’s coffee shop succumbs to name-change pressures.