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Bill O’Reilly: Arianna Huffington Is a Bad, Bad Girl Who Needs to Be Punished

Bill O'Reilly is aghast at the "hate speech" on the Internet, he says in his column today. "Instead of wearing white hoods, these despicable people hide behind a machine," wrote the Fox host, who recently suggested on his radio show that he might need to encourage a "lynching party" to go after Michelle Obama should she continue to imply she did not love everything about America. What's got Bill all worked up today are the comments on the Huffington Post about 86-year-old Nancy Reagan falling in her house. Sure, the commenters there are batshit, but leaving aside the whole first amendment thing, what about the commenters on Post Web site, where O'Reilly's column regularly appears? What about the comments you know, in the Post. But lo, soon enough we find out what's reallygot Bill so excited. "People like Arianna Huffington should be taken out to the village square and publicly scolded," he writes. Hmmmm. Scolded. Maybe she should be scolded with a falafel. Hate Speech and the 'Net [Bill O'Reilly]

Zoe Kravitz Shows Some Leg

Zoe Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz complained that his 18-year-old daughter's skirt was too short. Nancy Reagan wants Mayor Bloomberg to run for president. New York Ranger Sean Avery may be cheating on Mary-Kate Olsen with ex-flame Lake Bell. Heath Ledger and Kate Hudson may or may not have made out at the Beatrice Inn. A lady clamoring to see Jessica Simpson at the Waverly Inn knocked over a table and tumbled into the fireplace. Leroy Barnes, a drug-dealing competitor of Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington), says American Gangster, portrayed him inaccurately. An ex-cop made a board game that highlights the incompetence surrounding the rebuilding of ground zero.