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Nanny Bloomberg

  1. Bloomberg’s Parting Gift for NYC: Mandatory CompostingPrepare to get more intimately acquainted with your trash.
  2. City’s New Anti-Salt Subway Ads Are Shockingly TameThey just tell you to read food labels.
  3. the third terminator
    If You’re Collecting Cigarette Coupons, You’d Better Use Them SoonBloomberg wants to set a minimum price for smokes.
  4. What You Can and Can’t Drink Once the Giant-Soda Ban Begins Tomorrow A handy guide.
  5. Mayor Bloomberg Has Lost the Will to Ban ThingsSo he’s merely warning us about loud earbuds.
  6. Fight Over Bloomberg’s Soda Ban Gets a Little Bit Racial [Updated]The NAACP and the Hispanic federation claim the rules unfairly affect minorities.
  7. The City Is Either Planning to Take Our Booze, or Conducting a Routine SurveyThe nefarious plot to encourage young people to stop drinking themselves to death.
  8. nanny state
    Will Bloomberg Have Mercy on Frappuccino Lovers?Tackling the stickier aspects of New York’s soda ban.
  9. New Health Commissioner Thomas Farley to Put Us All on Diet of QuornThe new health commissioner plans to “focus on dietary issues probably beyond calorie labeling.”