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Blechtacular! Chinatown Fish-Parts Collector Unveils His Masterwork

This is a little outside our field of coverage and well outside the bounds of good taste, but we’ve mentioned rogue taxidermist Nate Hill’s Chinatown garbage tours before. Last Friday, after a year of work, he unveiled his magnum opus, A.D.A.M. (A Dead Animal Man) — a reproduction of a human being he made by stitching together restaurant refuse and other animal parts. The piece is for sale but no longer on public display (Hill is moving into a studio apartment with it — “It’s going to be in a room with me while I sleep”), so we thought we’d give you a first look. Trust us, this thing is more disturbing than the Cloverfield monster and the Teeth monster sewn together.

Rogue Taxidermist Shows You How to Fish for Animal Parts

As faithful Nonsense NYC subscribers, we’ve been clued into everything from condiment wars to absinthe parties (mmm, absinthe), but we’ve never seen (or smelled) anything quite like the Chinatown Garbage Tour. Tonight at 9 p.m., Brooklyn-based artist and rogue taxidermist Nate Hill will share wisdom gleaned from his weekly searches for animal parts (he incorporates them into his YouTube show “Chop Chop” and his Dead Animal Man project — which you probably don’t want to know about). A test run of the tour, for friends, yielded precious bounty: “We found some frog’s heads,” Hill remembers. “I’ve found small sharks a foot or two long. Usually you’re overrun with fish guts or tails, so when you find something like a shark, it’s really special.”