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Nathan Fielder Is Sending Sean Spicer His Very Own Summit Ice Jacket

2017 is turning out to be a disturbingly great year for Nathan Fielder's Holocaust awareness-focused jacket line, Summit Ice. Last month, Fielder revived the season 3 segment by opening up a pop-up Summit Ice store in Vancouver, and thanks to [...]

By Megh Wright

Comedy Central Renews ‘Nathan for You’ for a Fourth Season

Excellent news, Nathan for You fans: Comedy Central announced today that it's officially renewed Nathan Fielder's show for a fourth season ahead of tonight's season 3 finale. "I couldn’t be more excited to continue my non-sexual relationship [...]

By Megh Wright

The Heart and Humanity That Makes ‘Nathan for You’ So Good

I was late discovering the brilliance of Nathan For You because I was concerned it was a mean show, in the way that prank shows are often mean: one person (the host) creates a fake reality, and convinces other people that it’s real, and then [...]

By Rachel Sugar