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  1. explainer
    What to Know About Ali Watkins, James Wolfe, and the FBIA reporter had her communications data seized in the investigation of a former Senate Intelligence Committee aide — with whom she had a relationship.
  2. What Sy Hersh KnowsAn unsummarizable interview with the inimitable investigative journalist and raconteur of the American national security state.
  3. Trump Asks Trudeau: ‘Didn’t You Guys Burn Down the White House?’Canada, Britain, whatever.
  4. Trump Hates ‘Arbitrary Timelines,’ Yet Gave U.S. 6 Months to Exit Syria: ReportTo avoid Obama comparisons, he told top officials they can’t call his random deadline a “timeline.”
  5. Mattis Had a Nearly Impossible Task. Now Trump Is Making It Even Harder.From Syria withdrawal to sending troops to the border, squaring Trump’s desires with military policy is a tall order. How long can Mattis keep it up?
  6. Grown-ups Are Not Running America’s Foreign PolicyA group of Model U.N. teenagers could probably pick and execute policies better than this administration.
  7. Kushner Still Has Security Clearance, Despite Additional Reported IssuesThe Justice Department warned the White House that significant issues remain unsettled regarding Kushner’s background.
  8. P.A. Special Election Could Be the Only Excuse Trump Needs to Start a Trade WarTrump will have to make a decision soon on possible tariffs on steel and aluminum, which most Republicans oppose.
  9. Fitness Data Map Shows Locations and Activity Patterns of Secret Military BasesService members are accidentally sharing a lot more than just their steps.
  10. The Story of Reality Winner, America’s Most Unlikely LeakerShe’s not an ideological combatant like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. She’s much more like you or me.
  11. Deputy National Security Adviser to Leave White HouseAs planned all along, Dina Powell is getting out of Washington while the getting is very good.
  12. open letters
    Women in National Security Call for a Workplace That Actually Respects WomenIn a letter signed by over 200 diplomats, military officers, and civil servants.
  13. What We Know About Alleged Russia-Hacking-Report Leaker Reality WinnerThe intelligence contractor, a 25-year-old Air Force veteran, is accused of mailing a classified report on Russia’s election meddling to a reporter.
  14. The Malice of Trump’s IncompetenceEven if Trump is motivated by loyalty and indifference to democratic norms, not criminal intent, his recent actions have serious consequences.
  15. Secret Service Laptop With Trump Tower Info Stolen From Car in Brooklyn“Sensitive” documents include floor and evacuation plans.
  16. Trump Plan Would Gut Coast Guard and TSA to Pay for Immigration CrackdownApparently, making America “safe again” involves cutting airport and coastal security to channel billions of dollars to pro-Trump border unions.
  17. White House Undermining Own Case for the Urgency of a Travel BanNext time Team Trump tells a court its immigration policies are a matter of immediate national security, its failure to stick to that story may hurt.
  18. Trump Condemns FBI Leakers for Leaking That He Asked Them to LeakThe White House asked the FBI to leak exculpating details about Trump’s ties with Russia. It leaked the details of that conversation instead.
  19. Report: Trump Picks Former Mattis Aide Robert Harward As Flynn ReplacementThe president has asked the former Navy SEAL and current Lockheed Martin executive to be his new national security adviser, Reuters reports.
  20. Trump Was Told Weeks Ago That Flynn Had Misled PenceAfter 17 days of reflection, the “unbelievably decisive” president fired his national security adviser due to eroding trust, Sean Spicer explained.
  21. Michael Flynn’s Resignation Is the Best News of the Trump Presidency So FarThe Trump administration just lost its most dangerous Islamophobic conspiracy theorist.
  22. national security
    Moby, Yes Moby, Claims to Have Secret Intelligence Info on TrumpThere’s at least one Democrat with a plan.
  23. Trump Just Declared the ‘Court System’ a Threat to National SecurityNot content to attack individual judges and judicial decisions, the president is now disparaging the “court system” itself.
  24. Trump’s Silence on White Supremacist Terror Is Political Correctness Run AmokThe president is too afraid of offending oversensitive conservatives to protect America against radical racist terrorism.
  25. Senate Democrats Are Speaking Out Against Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’“That’s not the America I believe in. That’s not who we are.”
  26. John McCain Not Happy With Trump’s NSC Shake-up or the Entry BanThe Republican senator doesn’t think that Steve Bannon should have a permanent invitation to the National Security Council’s most important meeting.
  27. Former CIA Director Resigns From Trump’s Transition TeamAnd he isn’t the only one who’s finding the job of “relatively sane national security adviser to Donald Trump” to be a challenging one.
  28. Trump Says He Doesn’t Want Military Interventions. So Did George W. Bush.Beware a Republican coming into office claiming a restrained attitude abroad.
  29. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Submits His Resignation“[It] felt pretty good,” he told a panel of lawmakers.
  30. state of the uterus
    Ridiculous Letter Says Hillary Clinton Can’t Be President Because of Her Period“What if that time of the month comes and she is sick at the same time?”
  31. House Intelligence Committee: Snowden ‘No Whistle-blower’As defenders of Snowden call for a presidential pardon, lawmakers insist he caused “tremendous damage” to national security.
  32. Trump Offers Peace Through Strength — and CrazinessAt a national security forum, Trump elaborated on his plan for winning through unpredictability and insane overreaction.
  33. Obama Confirms That the Fight Against ISIS Will Go On for a WhileBut notes some progress.
  34. First Night of RNC: War, Benghazi, and MelaniaThe first night of the Republican National Convention will revolve around national security, which in Trump-speak means Benghazi!, “Fast and Furious,” and assorted conspiracy theories and grievances.
  35. Obama Administration to Clamp Down on Visa-Waiver Program After Paris AttackThe administration wants to tighten screening to root out people who may have previously traveled to a “terrorist safe haven.”
  36. What We Learned From the CIA Director’s WikiLeaked EmailsJohn le Carré would not be impressed.
  37. Throwing Things Over the White House Fence Still Not AllowedTwo people were taken into custody and the building was locked down for the second time in three days.
  38. America’s Security State Is Apparently Trying to Hassle Its Critics Into SilenceExpected at a congressional hearing? That doesn’t mean you get a visa.
  39. Obesity
    Junk Food Ruining America’s MilitaryA group of retired military leaders are warning that the majority of today’s seemingly eligible recruits are simply too fat for combat.
  40. More Evidence Indicates the Bush Administration Ignored September 11 WarningsKurt Eichenwald reports damning new revelations in a New York ‘Times’ op-ed.
  41. President Obama Asks Congress for an Extension on Robert Mueller’s FBI TermNational security shake-up gets thrown a curve.
  42. Seymour Hersh Reports on a Big 2001 American Intelligence FailureNo, not that one.
  43. The U.S. Wants to Wiretap Your InternetFirst they came for your anonymous comments.
  44. How WikiLeaks Is Changing the WorldIs this good or bad for democracy?
  45. gaga
    Lady Gaga Involved in Actual National Security SituationA soldier stealing classified documents used Gaga as a cover.
  46. Obama and Cheney, Side by SideThe two party leaders engage in a national-security death match today. Here’s how their arguments compared.
  47. Maddow, Rove Raise Stakes for Obama, Cheney National-Security SpeechesShe’s dissing Obama on national security and he’s praising him? What’s going on in the world today?
  48. Is Obama’s National-Security Team Liberal Change in Moderate Hawk’s Clothing?Or are progressives just looking for the silver lining in a not-so-liberal national-security team?
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