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  1. foreign policy
    President Trump Reportedly Wanted the U.S. to Leave NATO in 2018A new report says Trump privately expressed his desire to ditch the historic defense pact — which just happens to be something Russia wants too.
  2. U.S. Officials Worked Behind Trump’s Back to Keep Him From Blowing Up NATOJohn Bolton reportedly demanded that the latest NATO agreement be hammered out before July’s summit, so Trump wouldn’t have a chance to derail it.
  3. Trump Doesn’t Get Why U.S. Has to Defend NATO AlliesIn an interview with Tucker Carlson, both Trump and the host wondered why the U.S. would have to defend Montenegro against attack.
  4. Daily Intelligencer Politics Chat: Fiasco in FinlandFour Daily Intelligencer staffers try to make sense of President Trump’s strange press conference with Putin in Helsinki, Finland.
  5. Trump Ends NATO Summit by Announcing Diplomatic Breakthrough That Did Not HappenTrump took “total credit” for convincing NATO nations to raise military spending to unprecedented heights. They agreed to no such thing.
  6. foreign policy
    There Is No Cleaning Up the Foreign-Policy Mess Trump Is MakingOur allies are learning that Trump’s personal pique means a great deal — and decades of commitments and partnership mean very little.
  7. WH: John Kelly Wasn’t Cringing at Trump, He Was Grumpy About BreakfastThe White House Chief of Staff is not very skilled at hiding his displeasure.
  8. Trump at NATO Summit: Germany Is ‘Captive to Russia’The president kicked off the summit by deriding America’s European allies as “delinquent,” and berating Germany for relying on Russian fuel sources.
  9. Trump Is Training His Base to Hate NATO and Like PutinHeading into the NATO summit, Trump is making an agreement with his allies impossible, and ramping up pro-Putin talk.
  10. Trump: Meeting Putin Might Be Easier Than Meeting Theresa MayAmerica’s European allies probably can’t wait for this week to be over.
  11. Even the Best-Case Scenario for Trump and NATO Is GrimEven the idea of a positive or neutral meeting that signals to Moscow that the alliance is still united is ridiculous.
  12. Trump Tweets Signal Usual Aggressive Posture Heading Into NATO SummitThis is not going to be an enjoyable week for America’s most important traditional allies.
  13. Trump to Meet Putin in Helsinki for Summit Next MonthThe White House does not expect any “specific outcomes” from the meeting, beyond warmer relations between Washington and Moscow.
  14. Trump Says Globalism Is a Threat to ‘the West.’ Macron Says Trump Is.Ahead of Trump’s visit to Paris, the French president says that the Western world has been “cracking up since the American election.”
  15. Trump Doubles Down on Feud With Germany in Early-Morning TweetAs Germany’s political leaders express their loss of faith in the U.S., Trump vows to change Berlin’s “very bad” conduct toward the U.S.
  16. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Tries to Dissect Donald Trump’s International Misfires This Week“That’s the kind of shoving that belongs in the buffet line at Mar-a-Lago.”
  17. Here’s a Report Card for President Trump’s First Foreign Trip“Needs improvement.”
  18. I Guess Donald Trump Really, Really Wanted to Be in the Front of This GroupThat’s, um, some kind of power move.
  19. Watch Trump Push a NATO Prime Minister Out of His Way So He Can Be In FrontThat’s, um, some kind of power move.
  20. Donald Trump Will Attend NATO Summit in MayThis should be his first trip abroad as president.
  21. Tillerson May Skip NATO Meeting, Head to Russia Next MonthHe doesn’t care about appearances, which is a weird trait for a secretary of State.
  22. Cleaning Up After Trump, Mattis Says U.S. Won’t Steal Iraqi OilThe Defense Secretary arrives in Baghdad as a part of his world tour of walking back Trump statements.
  23. James Mattis to NATO Members: Increase Spending or ElseOther secretaries of Defense have delivered similar lectures. But this one went further.
  24. Theresa May and Donald Trump Begin Their ‘Special Relationship’Trump joined British PM Theresa May for his first White House press conference Friday.
  25. Trump Slams NATO, Says He’d Lift Russia Sanctions for Nuclear Arms ReductionsHe criticized Angela Merkel for letting “all these illegals” into Germany and predicted that more countries will leave the European Union.
  26. NATO Says President-elect Trump Agrees on the ‘Enduring Importance’ of AllianceTrump talked with the secretary general Friday.
  27. Erdogan Takes Control of Turkish Military Following Attempted CoupThe Turkish president fired nearly 1,400 military members and replaced top staffers with government ministers.
  28. NATO Now Getting Involved in the Migrant CrisisPolicing the seas to try to stop smugglers. 
  29. NYPD Detective Killed by Taliban Suicide Bomber in AfghanistanFive other American soldiers were killed by a motorcycle bomb on Monday.
  30. The American War in Afghanistan Officially Ended Today We still have 10,800 troops over there, though.
  31. Russia Now Applying Crimea Logic to the BalticsHoly NATO!
  32. Obama Made a Surprise Trip to StonehengeHe probably needed a break after all that talk about ISIS and Ukraine.
  33. NATO Coalition Plans to ‘Destroy’ ISISBut the red line is boots on the ground.
  34. Business
    Bayless, Other Restaurant Owners Say NATO Was Bad For BusinessRestaurant owners find NATO a bummer for business.
  35. Crime Blotter
    Vicious Rumble at Quaint Irish Tea Cottage and Restaurant in Tinley ParkProtesters bizarrely attack Irish restaurant.
  36. Politics
    What NATO Will EatMcCormack Place chef plans for 19,000 VIPs.
  37. Obama Pulls G8 Switcheroo on Chicago, ProtestersThe meeting will be at Camp David instead.
  38. Qaddafi’s Endgame: Was His Hyped Chess Game Faked?He doesn’t look like he’s using his chess skills effectively.”
  39. Qaddafi Might Be Allowed to Stay in Libya in Exchange for a Cease-fire DealHis fate will rest in the hands of Libyans. Which might make him want to leave?
  40. Qaddafi’s Son: NATO Offered ‘Under the Table’ Peace DealIn exchange for dropping international arrest warrants for both him and his father.
  41. NATO Spent the Day Bombing QaddafiWe welcome death!” he replied.
  42. NATO Strikes Qaddafi’s Compound Hours After State TV Tries to Confirm That He’s Still AliveIs Qaddafi still alive?
  43. Muammar Qaddafi’s Son Saif Reported DeadBut Muammar Qaddafi is reported to be “in good health.”
  44. NATO Cutting to the Chase in Libya?Qaddafi’s compound was bombarded this morning.
  45. NATO Will Not Apologize for Bombing Libyan Rebels by Accident [Updated]NATO mistakenly thought they were Qaddafi tanks.
  46. Coalition Meets in London As Fiercest Battle Fought in Qaddafi’s HometownAmerican officials are still discussing arming the rebels.
  47. NATO Takes Over Enforcement of ‘No-Fly Zone Plus’The “plus” is for civilian protection.
  48. NATO Admits Troops Will Likely Remain in Afghanistan After 2014But hopefully by that year, “Afghans are in the lead.”
  49. Mediavore
    Grasshopper Invasion to Ravage Millions of Acres of Crops; Are Sugar and Fat asA swarm is predicted to destroy farmers’ bounties, while scientists find junk food to be powerfully habit-forming.
  50. ‘Page Six’ Manages to Not Revel in Sarah Jessica Parker’s Failure Sarah Jessica Parker is not confident that her unreleased movie, Spinning Into Butter, will ever see the light of day. Barack Obama and his wife are slated to attend the opening of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Oprah on Thursday. Cosmetics heir Olivia Chantecaille got engaged to banker boyfriend Ren Grady. Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively took a bunch of friends shopping to Armani Exchange on Fifth Avenue. Shake Shack is opening a location on the Upper West Side! Sting, Diddy, and Josh Hartnett all hung out at Half Nelson producer Charlie Corwin’s birthday at Socialista, which is now back open after the hepatitis scare. Michael Musto will appear on the cover of The Village Voice spoofing this magazine’s Lindsay Lohan shoot.