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  1. Bin Laden’s Shooter Goes Public, But Fellow SEALs Dispute His StoryThey say he didn’t fire the fatal shot.
  2. This May Be the Navy SEAL Who Killed Osama bin LadenHe’s reportedly planning to go public next week.
  3. Navy SEALs Raided a Somali Compound This MorningBut what exactly they accomplished is yet unclear.
  4. Former Navy SEAL Comes Out As TransgenderChris Beck, “consummate guy’s guy,” is now Kristin.
  5. Navy Tries to Squash SEALs’ Budding Media CareerApparently the non-disclosure agreement covers video games.
  6. Romney Retires Slain Navy SEAL Anecdote Following Mother’s ComplaintHe had a chance encounter with an American killed in Benghazi.
  7. 60 Minutes: SEAL’s New Details on Bin Laden RaidTo us, at that time, it could have been anybody.”
  8. Navy SEAL’s Book Contradicts Official Story of Bin Laden RaidAnother shocker: Biden tells corny jokes.
  9. Anonymous Navy SEAL Releasing Tell-all Account of Bin Laden RaidIt will be released less than a month before the election.
  10. politics meets art
    Officials Offered Kathryn Bigelow Inside Access for Bin Laden FilmThe filmmakers were invited to CIA headquarters and met top officials.
  11. Things Chris Christie Does Not RegretHe’s not sorry for calling a former Navy SEAL an idiot.
  12. Navy SEALs Saved Two From Somali Pirates Right Before Obama’s SpeechA late-night mission killed a bunch of pirates and freed a captured American aid worker.
  13. One Navy SEAL Gave Osama Bin Laden’s Wives a Big HugNot the “hey, sorry for killing your evil husband” type of hug, though.
  14. Bin Laden’s Diaries Say Joe Biden Wasn’t Worth The Assassination AttemptYou could describe him as a micro-manager.”
  15. clickables
    Meet the Navy SEAL Who Killed Osama Bin LadenPretty much exactly how we imagined him.
  16. Apparently, Lots of Clergymen Pretend to Be Navy SEAL VeteransOne of them was just busted.
  17. Super-Secret War Dogs Are Basically BionicTitanium teeth!
  18. SEAL Team Six Author Is Very, Very Popular Right Now, But Not With His MomOn a break between interviews No. 67 and 68, Howard Wasdin talks about his fortuitously timed memoir, and why it has him feeling a little guilty.
  19. President Obama to Meet With Navy SEAL Members on Bin Laden Team TomorrowThey’ll be at Fort Campbell in Kentucky.
  20. Was Bin Laden’s Capture Then Death a Straight-Up Execution?Obama: “After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.”