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Faux-Knicks Lose Again

The Knicks lose the second game of their West Coast trip to fall to 3-5.

By Will Leitch

The Virtual Knicks Are 1-0!

The virtual Knicks beat the virtual Heat in the first game of our lockout simulation.

By Will Leitch

Stephen Colbert Tends To Mark Cuban’s ‘Ball Gag’

I'm not really up on my basketball news (rub your eyes in cartoonish disbelief, why don't you!) but from what I can glean from Stephen Colbert's Super PAC "Ball Gag" ad, letting Mark Cuban talk about the NBA contract negotiations will [...]

By Halle Kiefer

The Colbert Super PAC Takes on the NBA Lockout

Nobody wants Americans to have to watch hockey. Nobody. That's why the Colbert Super PAC has put together this important ad about the MNBA lockout and its potential consequences for tiny indoor blimp pilots across the country (hint: the [...]

By Hallie Cantor