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    Which First-Round NCAA Games Should You Watch This Week?If the tournament is sports’ version of prestige TV, think of these as the Battle of the Blackwater.
  2. Why the NCAA Tournament Is Great TVLike the current TV landscape, the first rounds of March Madness are overwhelming and full of twist endings.
  3. Adios, Productivity: Here’s the TV Schedule for the NCAA Tourney’s First RoundYour bracket will never be as perfect as it is on Thursday at noon.
  4. How to Watch Every NCAA Tournament Game (Not That You Care, Since You Have Work)It’s a full March Madness schedule, with details on how to stream each matchup.
  5. Joe Nocera on Why the NCAA Is Like EnronHis book Indentured: The Inside Story of the Rebellion Against the NCAA came out last month.
  6. Presidential Pals Bill Clinton and George W. Bush Watch NCAA FinalWith Tony Romo.
  7. FGCU: Spring Breakers’ Alien in Basketball FormFaaaaaast breaaaaaaaak, faaaaaast breaaaaaaaak.
  8. Hey, Let Harvard Alumni Have Their Fun This MorningHarvard wins!
  9. President Obama’s Bracket Is Already CrapIt’s in the 26.9th percentile.
  10. Ranking the NCAA Teams by Victory Thrill FactorWho do you want to win? Here’s a guide.
  11. Better Know Your LIU Brooklyn BlackbirdsLIU Brooklyn plays tonight.
  12. 5 Tips for Filling Out Your NCAA Hoops BracketIt’s tourney time.
  13. Obama Makes Excuses for His Terrible BracketIt’s all health-care reform’s fault!