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  1. world view
    Trump Gathers Iran Foes Around His Latest Dumpster FireAfter teasing Jared Kushner’s Middle East peace plan, in Warsaw Trump officials displayed only disdain for old allies and eagerness for Iran conflict.
  2. ilhan omar
    The Christian Right, Not AIPAC, Drives the GOP’s Pro-Israel StanceWhether or not Ilhan Omar’s claim of vast AIPAC power has anything to do with anti-Semitism, it’s just not accurate, and helps her enemies.
  3. America Gives Israel a $38 Billion Gift Certificate for WeaponsThe Obama administration gives Israel the largest security aid package it has ever received.
  4. Netanyahu Admits Holocaust Was Hitler’s IdeaThe Israeli prime minister had been widely condemned for suggesting the Final Solution was a Palestinian idea.
  5. Netanyahu Claims a Palestinian Leader Convinced Hitler to Exterminate the JewsThe Israeli prime minister declares that Hitler had only intended to “expel” the Jews. Then he met with the mufti of Jerusalem.
  6. Netanyahu Forms a New Coalition Government at the Last Possible MomentGiven the makeup of the new coalition, it doesn’t look like politics in Israel are about to become any easier. 
  7. Can Israel and U.S. Repair Relations?It’s not the first time this “special relationship” has been on the rocks.
  8. Do the Democrats Need a Backup Plan for 2016?It’s early yet, but will Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email become big enough to derail a presidential run?
  9. Obama Won’t Meet With Israeli PM During March VisitBut not because he’s spurning Israel.
  10. 11 Wounded in Grisly Stabbing Attack on Tel Aviv BusThe suspect was shot and arrested.
  11. French Jews Pretty Sure They’re Still FrenchBy singing “La Marseillaise.”
  12. Palestinian Leader Warns Jerusalem Headed Toward ‘Religious War’What peace talks?
  13. Awful #JSIL Campaign Likens Israel to ISISUm, yeah, not quite.
  14. Netanyahu Equates Hamas and ISIS in Another Controversial U.N. SpeechIsrael’s response to Abbas.
  15. House Republicans Push the Metaphysical Boundaries of Pro-IsraelnessIs it possible to be more pro-Israel than Israel?