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  1. Meet Your New Nets Coach, Kenny AtkinsonHe becomes the team’s sixth coach since arriving in Brooklyn.
  2. Prokhorov Is the Worst Version of SteinbrennerThe Nets have fired coach Lionel Hollins and reassigned general manager Billy King.
  3. Why Are Brooklyn Nets Fans So Optimistic, Despite Everything?Opening night with the no-expectations Nets. 
  4. Report: The Brooklyn Nets Are for SaleMikhail Prokhorov is looking to sell the team, but not his stake in Barclays Center.
  5. Why the Nets Traded Coach Jason Kidd to MilwaukeeAfter a failed power grab in Brooklyn, he’ll coach the Bucks.
  6. What to Call Sports Teams That Play in Northern New Jersey: An Awkward HistoryNew York/New Jersey MetroStars” is a mouthful.
  7. Mikhail Prokhorov Is More Steinbrennian Than the Steinbrenners These DaysHis Nets will pay a massive luxury tax.
  8. The Knicks-Nets Rivalry Just Got RealWelcome to Brooklyn, KG.
  9. How Risky Is Hiring Jason Kidd, Who Has No Coaching Experience?It’s not unprecedented.
  10. Jason Kidd Has RetiredUgly finishes aside, he had a helluva career.
  11. The Nets Season Is OverThat’s the way it goes down.
  12. Nets Survive Bulls to Force Game SevenGame seven on Saturday night.
  13. Nets Beat Bulls to Force Game SixYep, there was a game.
  14. The Nets Blow Game Four to BullsThe Nets are in serious trouble.
  15. The Nets Lose to Bulls, Look HorribleThe Nets fall behind 2-1 in their series with the Bulls.
  16. The Nets Just Destroyed the BullsSo the Nets looked good.
  17. NBA Playoff Preview: What’s at Stake?The playoffs begin Saturday.
  18. Can the Nets or Knicks Really Get Josh Smith?Do they really want him?
  19. Your Knicks and Nets Second-Half PreviewThe stretch run begins tonight.
  20. The Nets Are Crazy If They Don’t Still Want Dwight HowardThe Nets now DON’T want to trade for Dwight Howard. They’re nuts.
  21. The Nets Have Almost Caught Up With the KnicksThey’re just one game back.
  22. Alkies
    Nets Arena Will Inevitably Lead to Drunk Idiots EverywhereObviously.
  23. Booze News
    Luxury Seats Will Get Better Booze Service at New Nets ArenaThe hoi polloi will get cut off early, but high-rollers can drink until 2 a.m.
  24. Prospect Heights
    The New Nets Arena Is Scouting Food VendorsThere could be Reubens.
  25. Jay-Z Pokes Fun at Brooklyn’s GentrificationAn easy target, sure, but he does it with subtle grace.
  26. Apartments, Parks, Mall, and Office Space May Never Get Built at Atlantic Yards, EVERBruce Ratner finally admits it.