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Nevada Caucuses

  1. vision 2020
    Warren Overtakes Biden for Lead in National PollsFor the first time, the former veep’s not leading in the RealClearPolitics national polling average.
  2. vision 2020
    A Fresh Batch of Polls Has Good News for Tulsi, Bad News for BernieGabbard’s now on the debate stage for October, guaranteeing two events, and polls show Warren pulling well ahead of Sanders in early states.
  3. vision 2020
    Iowa Gets ‘Satellite Caucuses’ After DNC Nixes ‘Virtual’ PlanThe new system is a lot like the old one but with some additional caucus sites, like the ones Nevada provided for hotel and casino workers.
  4. vision 2020
    Can Biden Lose the First Two States and Still Win the Nomination?Nobody’s done it before, but it’s possible, albeit perilous. Biden’s much stronger in Nevada and South Carolina.
  5. vision 2020
    DNC Kills ‘Virtual Caucuses’ Over Hacking FearsThe hackability of a telephone-based virtual caucus system led to second thoughts about the system, leaving two states and many candidates in limbo.
  6. vision 2020
    Surging in Polls, Elizabeth Warren Now Has a Path to the NominationShe’s got a long way to go, but for the first time, there is a plausible scenario for Warren to get a one-on-one competition with Biden and win.
  7. Cruz and Rubio Played Smart Nevada Politics — and Got Waxed AnywayTrump doesn’t bother to customize his appeal for any particular place, and that could help him a lot in the blizzard of March primaries.
  8. Marco Rubio Loses to Trump by 22 Points in Nevada, Says Trump ‘Underperformed’Marco Rubio may not be good at winning primary elections, but he’s the all-time master of the expectations game.
  9. early and often
    Donald Trump Wins Chaotic Nevada GOP CaucusRubio takes second place, edging out Cruz.
  10. early and often
    There’s Just One Winner in Nevada: Donald TrumpRubio fans will crow over second place, if that holds, but Trump’s win was too big for much talk about anyone else.
  11. The Long (But Not Impossible) Odds of a Rubio Upset TonightTrump’s the favorite, and don’t count out Ted Cruz. But Rubio may have an ace in the hole.
  12. Hillary Clinton Wins the Democratic Caucus in NevadaAnd for Sanders, what happened in Vegas probably won’t stay in Vegas.
  13. 6 Takeaways From the Entrance Polls of the Democratic Race in NevadaThe race looks tight.
  14. Hillary Clinton Reaches for Nevada’s Heartstrings in New AdThe way to a Latino voter’s heart is through her tear ducts. Or so Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders seem to believe.
  15. Polls: Clinton’s Firewall Is Containing the BernAnd the Donald is still trumping the GOP field.
  16. Nevada Caucuses Lack of history, sparse polling, and a lot of different possibilities add up to a puzzling political event.
  17. Gingrich in Nevada Last Night: Romney Is the ‘George Soros-Approved’ CandidateVows “we will go to Tampa” and fight the whole way there.
  18. Resounding Win for Romney in Nevada [Updated]Gingrich is losing his base and maybe his billionaire supporter too.
  19. NYT: ‘Rumors Swirl’ About Gingrich WithdrawalGingrich spokesperson: NYT “unfit for print.”
  20. High Mormon Turnout Assures Romney at Least Quarter of Nevada VoteThat’s how many Mormons came out to caucus; 98 percent went for Romney in 2008.
  21. Everyone Agrees, Romney’s Going to Dominate in Nevada Tonight [Updated]And early caucus results seem to be bearing that out.