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  1. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Didn’t Lose Potential Sports-Radio Job, He QuitFollowing a report that WFAN isn’t interested in having him replace Mike Francesa, Christie countered that he took himself out of the running.
  2. Lawmaker Trolls Christie With Bill Allowing Public to Rent Beach HouseOne Democrat in Trenton wants to make sure Beachgate stays in the news.
  3. Chris Christie Auditioning for WFAN Sports Talk-Radio Gig Next WeekCan Chris from Trenton replace Mike Francesa, the Sports Pope?
  4. the garden state
    Christie Staying at Governor’s Beach House in Closed Park During State ShutdownChristie claimed he “didn’t get any sun” personally, but photos show him sitting on the beach with his family.
  5. new jersey
    Christie Shuts Down New Jersey Government, State Beaches and Parks ClosedThanks to a budget standoff, we’ll soon find out if the governor’s 15 percent approval rating can drop any lower.
  6. The Democrats’ Losing Streak Will Likely End in NovemberThe party needs a win in a nationally significant and competitive contest. There is still hope this year.
  7. Chris Christie on His Record-Low Approval Rating: ‘Who Cares?’“You guys care much more about that stuff than I do,” he told reporters.
  8. Front-runners Murphy and Guadagno Win New Jersey Gubernatorial PrimaryDemocrat Phil Murphy drowned his primary opponents in money, and begins the general election as the favorite over Christie protégé Kim Guadagno.
  9. New Jersey’s Forgotten Governor’s RacePrimary voting in the contest to replace Chris Christie takes place on Tuesday — not that it’s getting much notice.
  10. The Last of the New Jersey BondsmenFor criminal-justice advocates, bail reform has been a long sought victory; but for people like Ron Olszowy, it means the loss of a way of life.
  11. Starbucks Wasn’t Feeling This Pot Activist’s ‘Weedbukx’ CaféIt gave New Jersey’s infamous NJ Weedman two weeks to shut it down.
  12. Customs Agents at Newark Are Allegedly Being Hazed on a ‘Rape Table’The DHS has opened an investigation into the claims of abuse.
  13. breakfast
    Christie and Cuomo Have Discreet Breakfast Meeting at New Jersey DinerWhat were they chatting about “huddled at the back” of the Tick Tock?
  14. Will GOP Punish California and New York by Killing Their Favorite Tax Deduction?Conservatives hate the federal deduction for state and local income tax. But killing it might annoy Empire State Republicans, including the president.
  15. Joe Piscopo Could Be New Jersey GOP’s Best Hope to Succeed Chris ChristieThere are many reasons the GOP is in trouble in off-year elections in New Jersey, but there will likely be competitive primaries in both parties.
  16. Jordan Klepper Gets to Know the New Jersey Residents of Dick Street on […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Daily Show, where Trevor Noah sends correspondent Jordan Klepper to Clifton, New Jersey to investigate the […]
  17. inaugeration 2017
    Springsteen Cover Band Set for Inauguration BallBy the grace of God, they are literally called the B Street Band.
  18. the holidays
    Panic Seizes New Jersey Mall After Shooting ScareIt turns out the “gunshot” was actually somebody throwing a chair.
  19. jesus christie
    New Jersey Lawmakers Won’t Let Christie Strike Book Deal, Get ‘Revenge’ on PressRepublicans and Democrats turned against bills that would have raised government salaries and cut a significant revenue stream for newspapers.
  20. creepy men
    This State Trooper Was Arrested for Pulling Over Women for the Creepiest ReasonHow romantic.
  21. Everybody Hates Chris ChristieTh New Jersey governor has the lowest rating ever in a Quinnipiac University poll.
  22. Christie Wonders Why People Thought He Wasn’t Going to Finish Gubernatorial Term“The only thing I said that I would consider doing was, would he consider me for vice-president, and he selected, you know, Governor Pence.”
  23. Louisiana Runoff Begins the Post-Trump-Earthquake Political CalendarBeginning with a Senate runoff in Louisiana and then off-year state elections in 2017, we will soon see if there is any backlash to Trump’s election.
  24. Sad Chris Christie Votes Under Cover of Predawn Darkness“I always vote in the morning.”
  25. Former Christie Allies Found Guilty on All Counts in Bridgegate TrialBridget Anne Kelly, Christie’s former deputy chief of staff, and Bill Baroni, a Christie appointee at the Port Authority.
  26. The Bridgegate Trial Has Destroyed What Was Left of Christie’s ReputationThat doesn’t necessarily mean the defendants will be acquitted, though.
  27. food waste
    New Jersey Has a Bold Plan to Turn Supermarket Food Waste Into EnergyA new proposal would convert it into biofuel to power homes, businesses, and schools statewide.
  28. Tree Made Famous by George Washington Is Dead, in What Is Hopefully Not MetaphorIt couldn’t survive August’s intense heat.
  29. workers' rights
    Second Blue Apron Warehouse Supposedly Plagued by Ongoing ViolenceA New York Post report claims Jersey’s distribution center is “a real fight club.”
  30. Hoboken Train Was Going Twice the Speed Limit Before Crash, Says NTSBPreliminary findings contradict the engineer’s statement about the crash.
  31. scary things
    Pipe Bombs Found in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Train Station, and One ExplodesIt went off as the bomb squad was trying to disarm it.
  32. politics
    The Former High School Classmate Who Could Take Chris Christie DownDavid Wildstein, Bridgegate, and the trial that could wreck the governor for good.
  33. scary things
    Authorities Believe New Jersey Pipe Bomb Was Targeting Charity RunThe multi-component explosive device was set on a timer, but no one was injured due to a delay in the start of the run.
  34. minimum wage
    Chris Christie Vetoes $15 Wage Bill for New Jersey Restaurant WorkersIt would have made Jersey one of only three states to pass a living wage.
  35. dumb ideas
    New Jersey Might Actually Outlaw Eating While DrivingA new bill would fine violators up to $400 for even a sip of coffee.
  36. pokemon go
    Pokémon Go Sparks $5 Million Class-Action Lawsuit “At least five individuals knocked on Plaintiff’s door … and asked for access to Plaintiff’s backyard in order to ‘catch’ the Pokémon.”
  37. pokemon go
    Pokémon Go Sparks $5 Million Class-Action Lawsuit “At least five individuals knocked on Plaintiff’s door … and asked for access to Plaintiff’s backyard in order to ‘catch’ the Pokémon.”
  38. lawsuits
    Customer Claims Taco Bell Employees ‘Berated’ Her for Being DeafShe’s suing the chain after two sets of drive-through workers wouldn’t serve her.
  39. Video Feed
    So, a Truck Hauling Deli Meat Crashed Into a Truck Full of BreadFree lunch!
  40. today in donald trump
    Report: Trump’s Atlantic City Empire Was One Big FleeceWhat happened one of the last times Trump promised to make something great.
  41. After Big New Jersey Win, Clinton Claims the NominationIn a triumphant speech, America’s first female major-party nominee turned her attention to the general election.
  42. bridgegate
    Judge Rules That Names of Bridgegate Co-conspirators Must Be ReleasedA consortium of news organizations went to court to force the disclosure of the names.
  43. Chris Christie Defends the Way He Eats M&MsChris Christie is doing fine, and he’d appreciate it if America stopped asking.
  44. Bones to Pick
    Man Claims He Found a Bone in His Whole Foods Trail Mix“I can only imagine what other body parts I was eating while consuming that bag.”
  45. 30 Newark Schools Shut Down Their Lead-Contaminated Drinking Fountains While Schumer proposes $100 million for New York schools to do their own testing. 
  46. 6 New Jersey Newspapers Called for Chris Christie’s Resignation“We’re fed up with his long neglect of the state to pursue his own selfish agenda.”
  47. Chris Christie Ends His Presidential CampaignTime for less traffic in the Establishment lane.
  48. Lawsuits
    Lawsuit Says Dunkin’ Donuts Overcharged NYersShops around town have allegedly made $10 million by taxing nontaxable food.
  49. News
    Snow Collapsed the Roof at This New Jersey Trader Joe’sThe company is trying to move its 160 employees to other area stores.
  50. Video Feed
    Watch Restaurant Staffers Freak Out, Thinking They Won the PowerballOne guy even quit on the spot.
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