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Law & Order: Reptile Unit

While we were all paying attention to other things, a ring of reptile smugglers was being brought to justice.

By Jessica Pressler

Fact of the Day

It's about a Micronesian island.

By Jessica Pressler

Double Snugg-ing

Why is the 'Times' so hot for the Snuggie all of a sudden?

By Jessica Pressler

Newsday to Charge for Online Content

Today's bad media news includes the death of a 150-year-old newspaper, and the shrinkage of one of fashion's most powerful brands.

By Mike Vilensky

T Magazine Downsizes

The New York 'Times' will only publish twelve issues of it this year, down from fifteen.

By Amy Odell

What Are the DABA Girls Claiming Now?

That they're not the greedy catwomen they play on the Internet. They're a totally different kind of greedy catwomen.

By Katie Goldsmith

The Media Plays Musical Chairs

Remember how that goes? If you don't have a chair to sit in when the music stops, you … are … out!

By Mike Vilensky