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  1. books
    Bret Easton Ellis Thinks He Was ‘Punked’ by The New Yorker“I got punked, I have to admit it.”
  2. celebrity
    Bill Hader, You Hot, Moody ManA new, in-depth New Yorker profile illuminates much about the man … but my main takeaway is: hot.
  3. #metoo
    The GOP Thinks #MeToo Is a Chance to Exploit the ‘Biased’ PressBut their attempts just show how much they get wrong about journalism.
  4. brett kavanaugh
    New York Times, New Yorker Spar Over Kavanaugh StoryThe back-and-forth is partly about media bragging rights, but the credibility of Kavanaugh’s second accuser is also at stake.
  5. literature
    Why a Short Story About a Terrible Date Went ViralThe New Yorker’s “Cat Person” shows how complicated bad sex really is.
  6. Harvey Weinstein Lawyers Up in Advance of Possible ExposésThe mogul has reportedly been in touch with the Clintons’ crisis manager Lanny Davis.
  7. Lillian Ross Was One of the Best Reporters on the Arts, and Life ItselfThere were never very many writers like her.
  8. hairy situations
    Man Buns Have Made It to the Cover of the New YorkerThe struggle of the man bun is now a New Yorker cartoon.
  9. Graydon Carter Is Going Fishing During the White House Correspondents’ DinnerSounds relaxing.
  10. select all
    How LinkedIn’s Spammy Subject Line Became a New Yorker Punch LineI’d like to add you to my cartoon.
  11. bathroom talk
    What Can We Learn About Famous People From Their Toilets? A curious new focus of profile journalism.
  12. reading lists
    20 Classic Stories by The New Yorker WomenA pre-paywall syllabus. 
  13. The New Yorker Is Opening Its Archives, Then Putting Up a New PaywallIt’s all-you-can-read for the next three months.
  14. The New Yorker Is Getting a Minor Face-lift [Updated]Coöperate” and “reëlect” live on.
  15. quotables
    Wendy Davis Reclaims Life Story From Rick Perry“Planned Parenthood was my only source of health care … That’s my story.”
  16. Bourdain Inc.
    Chez Panisse Alum Can’t Stomach Bourdain’s ‘Machismo’Tell her what Bourdain eats, and she will tell you what he is.
  17. cultural exchange
    Grown Men Creepily Moved by South Korean Girl GroupsIt’s not pervy, says New Yorker writer. 
  18. new yorker
    Watch a Weird Video Ad for The New Yorker AppWell, that was weird.
  19. ink-stained wretches
    Jonah Lehrer’s Self-Plagiarism Issues Are Snowballing [Updated]The ‘New Yorker’ staffer’s recycling has also called attention to attribution errors.
  20. Funnies
    New Yorker Addresses Restaurant Mental Health Code ViolationsRestaurant practices that push us to the brink.
  21. Winners
    Jamie Bissonnette Is Hot Right NowCoppa’s Jamie Bissonnette is having a pretty good month.
  22. Other Magazines
    The New Yorker Is the Latest Publication to Forage With René RedzepiYes, the Noma chef really likes to eat stuff he finds outdoors.
  23. A Few People May Have to Die Before You Can Get Your Work Into The New YorkerAdvice from writer T. Coraghessan Boyle.
  24. It Is Apparently Very Hard to Get a Cartoon in The New YorkerHarder than getting the joke.
  25. Somebody Is Hunger Striking The New YorkerThat won’t work.
  26. New Yorker Visuals Editor Elisabeth Biondi Leaves After Fifteen YearsShe’ll become a curator.
  27. Tina Fey’s Two Types of Comedy Writer: Harvard Boys and Crazy ImprovisersIn the latest issue of the New Yorker Tina Fey has written a piece about her experiences at SNL. I am guessing that this new guest writing […]
  28. Demetri Martin Asks ‘Who Am I?’ in the New YorkerIn the latest issue of the New Yorker, Demetri Martin contributes a piece called “Who Am I?” to Shouts and Murmurs. A taste:I am bravery. I am […]
  29. Mayor Bloomberg Thinks New Yorker Cover Portraying Him As a Narcissist Is ‘Cute’Hmmm, okay.
  30. clickables
    See The New Yorker’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark CoverExcellent use of the Spidey web on the TV.
  31. clickables
    Read a Collection of New Yorker Cartoons With Literal Captions“I’m an alien.”
  32. clickables
    Read The New Yorker’s Four Loko CartoonR.I.P. Loko.
  33. Mediavore
    The New Yorker Eats L.A.; Al Qaeda Trying To Make Airport Food Even WorseNine great bites from the last year are discussed, while a new terror plot could affect eating before flying.
  34. A New George Saunders Story in The New Yorker Is Cause for CelebrationLooking for something to read? George Saunders, hilarious/wonderful short story writer and personal hero of mine, has a new piece in this […]
  35. Times Middle East Correspondent Dexter Filkins Jumps to The New YorkerHis new editor, David Remnick, says he’s “over the moon.”
  36. Allison Silverman on Hipster Community OutreachHere’s another excellent piece by former Daily Show/Colbert Report writer Allison Silverman taking on the denizens of Williamsburg in this […]
  37. clickables
    Read 70 Years’ Worth of Airport-Security New Yorker CartoonsTo put your pat-down in perspective.
  38. Aziz Ansari, Randy, and the Nebulous State of ‘Alt-Comedy’This week’s New Yorker features a lengthy profile of Aziz Ansari, talking about his place in the “alternative comedy” scene and the fine line […]
  39. E-mail Auto-Response, by Martin MarksE-mail auto-response, by Martin Marks in this week’s New Yorker: “Thank you for your e-mail, which, if it is under three (3) sentences long, I […]
  40. Simon Rich Takes On GoogleSNL writer and book author Simon Rich has a piece in this week’s New Yorker about Google. Specifically, what Google’s dictionary defines […]
  41. New Yorker’s Daniel Zalewski Turned Down New York Times Magazine GigThe features editor instead opted to get some new perks at his current gig.
  42. tv
    Watch Jason Schwartzman’s iPad Commercial for The New YorkerHe takes it in the shower and also uses it as a fig leaf.
  43. The New Yorker’s Young Gun CartoonistsIts parameters are tight: black and white. One square. One caption. It’s bare, and it’s simple. It doesn’t have dialogue or physicality or […]
  44. Yoni Brenner Brings Football Humor to the New Yorker with Trick PlaysIn this week’s New Yorker, Yoni Brenner brings some high-minded sports humor to Shouts and Murmurs with Trick Plays: “Double Trick Inside […]
  45. Courtney Love Wants to Be Published in The New YorkerShe writes short stories, see. And epic text messages.
  46. Raising a Good Enough BabyAndy Borowitz’s The Good Enough Baby, from this week’s New Yorker: “There are many misconceptions about babies and baths. The old saying ‘Don’t […]
  47. Mark Zuckerberg: He’s Just Like Us!What do “the boy king of Silicon Valley” and your average dude have in common? Everything!
  48. Allison Silverman: Et Tu, BrooklynFormer Colbert Report Executive Producer/Daily Show writer Allison Silverman has a humor piece in the New Yorker this week entitled Et Tu, […]
  49. Rants
    N.Y. Times Intrepidly Ventures ‘A Few Miles East on the 10’ to Eat inA long list of new restaurants and classics are omitted as the Gray Lady “discovers” Downtown destination dining.
  50. books
    What If Kanye West’s Tweets Were New Yorker Cartoons?“We lookin’ crazy fresh where’s paparazzi when you need em,” says one squirrel to the other.
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