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  1. awful things
    Police Close Ohio Restaurant After Cop Finds Glass Shards in SandwichOfficials say there’s “no reason” yet to believe the act was intentional.
  2. beefin'
    Taylor Swift Fires Back at Kim K and Kanye“I wanted to believe Kanye when he told me that I would love the song.”
  3. food labels
    Congress Passes the Nation’s First GMO-Labeling RequirementObama is expected to sign the bill, overriding Vermont’s state law.
  4. Top Chipotle Executive Indicted for Cocaine PossessionFor now, the chain has put him on leave.
  5. courts
    Salling’s Child-Porn Trial Has Been DelayedSalling was arrested by the LAPD in December.
  6. Turf Wars
    Food-Cart Vendor Slashes Rival for Coming to His Street CornerPolice say the victim needed five stitches in his back.
  7. Soda Taxes
    Philadelphia Is America’s First Big City With a Soda TaxResidents will pay 1.5 cents per ounce.
  8. Crime Scene
    A Man Accidentally Shot Himself While Buying Breakfast at Zabar’sThe poorly timed incident shut the café down for hours.
  9. Minimum Wage
    Washington, D.C., Is Latest City to Pass a $15 Living WageA big victory for fast-food workers living in the place with the nation’s highest income disparity.
  10. Bagmen
    Lawmakers Are Fighting to Prevent a Plastic-Bag Fee in NYCA bill outlawing the surcharge is reportedly gathering momentum in Albany.
  11. Restaurant Power Rankings
    Grub Street’s Restaurant Power Rankings: Dizengoff, Olmsted, GünterFind out where to eat in our weekly ranking of the city’s most-buzzed-about restaurants.
  12. renewals
    The Americans Will Come to an End After Two More SeasonsGet ready to say dasvidaniya to The Americans.
  13. Lawsuits
    Cherry Mogul’s Family Sues NYPD for Pot RaidIn a $50 million lawsuit, they accuse the NYPD of illegally “bum-rushing” the factory.
  14. crimes and misdemeanors
    Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Expected to Take Plea Deal to Avoid Jail TimeAustin Lee Russell was arrested in March on charges of gun and drug possession.
  15. Kevin Spacey Slams Trump During Johnny Carson Impression at Cannes amfAR Gala “Donald would probably love it here on the Riviera. There are so many casinos to bankrupt.”
  16. Crime Scene
    New York’s Drugstores Are Being Targeted by an Ice-Cream Crime RingOfficials say ten CVS and Duane Reade stores have been hit in the last year.
  17. cannes 2016
    Woody Allen on Ronan Farrow Controversy: ‘I Have Moved So Far Past That’“I never think about it.”
  18. sex tapes
    YACHT Apologizes for Sex-Tape HoaxThe band says that claiming they were victims of a leaked sex tape to promote a music video was an “egregious mistake.”
  19. New York Values
    Christians Aren’t Happy About Mayor de Blasio’s Chick-fil-A Slam“Doesn’t this sound like bullying, intolerance, and discrimination?”
  20. Video Feed
    25-Ton Potato Spill Blocks Off North Carolina Highway for HoursDrivers awoke to a hellish commute courtesy of 50,000 runaway taters.
  21. Minimum Wage
    Supreme Court Won’t Stand in the Way of Seattle’s $15 Minimum WageFast-food franchisees had claimed the law unfairly treats them as large corporations.
  22. Restaurant Power Rankings
    Grub Street’s Restaurant Power Rankings: Jose Garces Opens, New NewFind out where to eat in our weekly ranking of the city’s most-buzzed-about restaurants.
  23. Lawsuits
    Bodega Association Claims NYPD Is Illegally Targeting Immigrant-Owned DelisIt argues police are harassing owners with violations as a way to surveil them.
  24. DIY Projects
    How 3 Baristas Built Their Coffee Shop for the Price of One Espresso Machine“Luckily, we were inexperienced and naïve enough to think it could work.”
  25. News
    North Korea-Run Restaurant Workplace Is HorribleEven Applebee’s would be an upgrade.
  26. Viral Desserts
    Here’s the New Japanese Water Cake That Will Debut at SmorgasburgLike artisanal Jell-O, available 1,000 servings at a time.
  27. Grand Returns
    Smorgasburg’s Outdoor Markets Return This WeekendThe Brooklyn Flea is back, too — and it’s moving!
  28. Affronts To Decorum
    John Kasich Lamely Defends Eating Pizza With a Fork“Look, look, the pizza came scalding hot, okay?”
  29. Foodievents
    Alon Shaya’s Brooklyn Pizza PartyThe celebrated Domenica and Shaya chef has come to New York to study the delicate art of incorporating freshly milled flours into breads and pizza.
  30. Calorie Crunchers
    FDA Now Says Calorie-Labeling Rule Won’t Go Into Effect Until 2017It’s the third delay to the deadline since 2015.
  31. War Zones
    PEZ Cancels Easter Egg Hunt After Unhinged Parents Bum-Rush Field“When my son left, he had a broken basket and was hysterically crying.”
  32. Coming Soon
    Hard Times Sundaes Burger Truck Goes Brick-and-Mortar in ManhattanIt opens at UrbanSpace Vanderbilt this weekend.
  33. Restaurant Power Rankings
    Grub Street’s Restaurant Power Rankings: Steak, Tasting Rooms, and MoreFind out where to eat in our weekly ranking of the city’s most-buzzed-about restaurants.
  34. Pop-Ups
    Christopher Kostow Cooking at the Nomad BarThe Restaurant at Meadowood chef’s food will be available at Daniel Humm’s Nomad Bar for the next month.
  35. Crime Scene
    6 People Got Slashed at New York Restaurants This WeekendThe horrible trend is getting worse.
  36. Nanny State
    New Bill Would Require NYC Restaurants to Post Carb WarningsIt calls for posters that spell out the “risks of excessive sugar and other carbohydrate intake.”
  37. High Cuisine
    A Celebrated Chef’s Secret Marijuana Dinners“The strain is the star, and I want to make it shine in the dishes I create.”
  38. Kids These Days
    A New Dining Club Connects Toddlers and Parents to Michelin-Caliber CuisineNibble + Squeak hosts kid-friendly feasts at some of New York City’s most prestigious restaurants.
  39. Trouble
    Inside the Collapse of Fairway, New York’s Favorite, Failing Grocery Store“Lives have been totally changed and ruined … What happened was an injustice.”
  40. Closings
    Midtown Staple Sushi Zen Will Close After Service TonightToshio Suzuki, who trained celebrity chef Masaharu Morimoto, opened the restaurant in 1983.
  41. Restaurant Power Rankings
    Grub Street’s Restaurant Power Rankings: The Estela Team Expands,Find out where to eat in our weekly ranking of the city’s most-buzzed-about restaurants.
  42. Recalls
    Bowery Whole Foods Warns One of Its Cheeses May Have ListeriaDon’t eat the store’s “Pecorino Aged Cheese in Walnut Leaves.”
  43. The Chain Gang
    National Chicken Chain Announces Second Stand-alone Manhattan LocationJust eight blocks from the other location!
  44. Comebacks
    Clearly Canadian’s Triumphant Comeback Hits a Snag, and Fans Are UpsetThe first shipments finally went out this month, but tens of thousands of orders have remained unfulfilled.
  45. Progress
    Congress Will Finally Outlaw Seafood Caught by SlavesObama is expected to sign a bill that closes an 85-year-old loophole on forced labor.
  46. Beer Me
    World’s Best Town to Install Public Beer FountainLocal officials opted for this over fixing their water supply.
  47. Interviews
    One of Brooklyn’s Favorite Chefs Is Headed to a Meal-Delivery Start-upJohnathan Adler will leave Franny’s at the end of March to take over as the culinary manager of Blue Apron.
  48. Coming Soon
    Brooklyn Will Get Its Own Breaking Bad Coffee Shop This Year” … This isn’t a theme park, but a unique coffee shop with just hints of the TV show.”
  49. Health Trends
    Misguided Maker of Skittles and M&Ms Swears Off Artificial DyeWhat would Willy Wonka think?
  50. The Chain Gang
    Beyoncé Is So Powerful She Can Single-Handedly Lift Red Lobster’s SalesOne lyric leads an entire nation to crave popcorn shrimp and cheddar biscuits.
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