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  1. lawsuits
    Newsweek May Be Facing a Huge Gender-Discrimination LawsuitAnd there’s reportedly a particular focus on editor-in-chief Matt McAllester.
  2. trouble
    Somaly Mam and the Perils of Celebrity PhilanthropyThe Cambodian sex trade survivor’s sensationalized stories obscured the real problem.
  3. ink-stained wretches
    Tina Brown Shades Newsweek on Bitcoin MessIn the face of controversy, the magazine is playing defense.
  4. soon-to-be-ink-stained wretches
    Newsweek Intends to Print Magazines After AllAfter a surprisingly brief hiatus.
  5. The Daily Beast Officially Sheds Newsweek, Lays Off 20Still roaring.
  6. New Newsweek Has a Very Strict Dress CodeAnd other insane rules.
  7. Tina Brown Is on Her Way Out at the Daily Beast [Updated]The future of the site is uncertain, according to a new report.
  8. The Daily Beast Isn’t Going to Be Profitable Anytime SoonThe Tina Brown–led site might lose as much as $12 million this year.
  9. IAC Found Someone to Buy Zombie NewsweekThe owners of the International Business Times.
  10. Newsweek/Daily Beast Loses CEOTough times.
  11. Why in the World Would Anyone Buy Newsweek?It could happen.
  12. Zombie Newsweek Is Apparently for SaleThe magazine’s owner is seeking offers.
  13. Zombie Newsweek Also Probably Doomed, Says Newsweek OwnerI wish I had not bought Newsweek. It was a mistake.”  
  14. Layoffs Could Hit Time Inc. Staff This WeekA lot of them.
  15. ink-stained wretches
    Newsweek’s Last Cover Features a Hashtag Embrace the future!
  16. Editorial Director Mark Miller Leaving Tina Brown at NewsweekThe top editor’s No. 2 is out in the all-digital shift.
  17. Blake Gopnik Laid Off at NewsweekAnother victim of Tina Brown’s axe. 
  18. Robin Givhan Among Layoffs at NewsweekSome of the company’s biggest names have been affected by the restructuring.
  19. It’s Layoff Day at Newsweek and the Daily BeastThe all-digital restructuring is under way.
  20. Tina Brown Spins Newsweek News, Diller Doesn’tTina Brown is spinning, but Barry Diller doesn’t bother.
  21. Newsweek Ending Print Magazine, Going All Digital in 2013Editor-in-chief Tina Brown announced the huge changes today.
  22. Angelina: ‘We All Are Malala,’ Including My KidsShe wrote an article about the Pakistani teen.
  23. Newsweek’s #MuslimRage BackfiresTwitter mocks latest ‘Newsweek’ cover on “Muslim rage.”
  24. Newsweek and Jane Harman: It’s Complicated!Sidney Harman’s widow is sending Tina Brown mixed messages.
  25. Newsweek Gets Last Laugh on Roundly Dismantled Anti-Obama IssueTina Brown scoffs at your silly facts.
  26. Tina Brown Speaks on Niall Ferguson Cover StoryBut the Newsweek editor is mostly sticking by her man.
  27. Niall Ferguson: Liberal Media Is ‘Nit-Picking’ I don’t think you can claim this undermines my academic reputation.”
  28. Niall Ferguson Smacked Down Over Another Questionable Newsweek CoverDoes Tina Brown even care?
  29. Other Magazines
    Newsweek Just Reuses Stock Food Photo for Its Latest CoverSucks to be their photo department.
  30. damage control
    Former Vogue Writer Joan Juliet Buck Claims Asma al-Assad ‘Duped’ HerA blow-by-blow of her disastrous Vogue profile of Syria’s first lady.
  31. Newsweek No Longer Has Sidney Harman’s BillionsIAC has taken over a controlling stake.
  32. Only Two NYC High Schools Among Top 50 Nationwide: Hunter College, Bronx ScienceNeither made it into top 25.
  33. Revealed: Celebrities Make Lousy OccupiersThe Awareness Experiment” deemed a failure.
  34. the karl of it all
    Karl Lagerfeld Calls Newsweek ‘a Sh-tty Little Paper’He’s still mad about that Robin Givhan story, evidently.
  35. mad men
    See Newsweek’s Retro Mad Men CoverCoolest elevator ride ever.
  36. Newsweek’s Potty Mouth Causing ‘Minor Firestorm’NPR and PBS donors do not appreciate Tina Brown’s bad words.
  37. Sarah Palin, From Newsweek Hater to ContributorPalin and Andrew Sullivan have now contributed to the same publication.
  38. David Frum Joining Tina Brown at NewsweekThe former George W. Bush speechwriter is leaving his own site behind to join Tina Brown.
  39. GOP Candidates Should Avoid the Cover of NewsweekIt’s cursed.
  40. All Is Not Well in the House of Tina BrownALL-CAPS LEAKED MEMOS.
  41. Newsweek Loses Publisher, Managing EditorThe Tina Brown publication is still struggling.
  42. Watch Herman Cain Sing a Pizza Version of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’Imagine there’s no pizza … “
  43. Nancy Pelosi Did Not Attack Obama’s Messaging StrategyNot on the record, at least.
  44. Sarah Palin Wouldn’t Call Newsweek’s Michele Bachmann Cover SexistTheir friendship is so over.
  45. Tina Brown Should Have Thought Harder About the Cover for Newsweek’s Michele Bachmann IssueThe Internet helpfully re-imagines it.
  46. Tina Brown Says Her Newsweek Cover Conveys Michele Bachmann’s ‘Intensity’Heh. Right.
  47. Tina Brown Steals Rosanne Lufrano From Martha Stewart Living OmnimediaShe’ll help launch the new ‘Newsweek’ iPad app.
  48. Tina Brown Wants to Seize the Means of ProductionThe Daily Beast is launching an online talk show.
  49. Is Tina Brown’s Newsweek a More Feminist Enterprise?Let’s play count the covers.
  50. Newsweek.com Will Cease to Exist on July 19Instead the URL will direct users to the Daily Beast.
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