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  1. nicolas cage
    Get Ready for the Nic Cage-iest Movie to Ever Star Nicolas Cage“It might be the wildest movie I’ve ever made, and that’s saying something.”
  2. good causes
    Improv Theater to Set Man on Fire to Honor Nicolas CageAnd you can help!
  3. movies
    The Most Nicolas Cage Moments From Nicolas Cage’s Master ClassThe infinitely meme-able actor on taking risks, working with David Lynch, and going for “that Super 8 feeling.”
  4. movies
    Nicolas Cage x Nicolas Cage + Cocaine and Battle Axes = MandyScientists have perfected the formula for peak Cage.
  5. Nicolas Cage Gets in a Bloody, Screaming Chainsaw Fight in First Mandy TrailerCage is hunting some crazy evil.
  6. close reads
    Let’s Talk About That Scene With the Newborn in Mom and DadDirector Brian Taylor talks about the line you walk when you decide to make a movie about infanticide.
  7. Mom and Dad Trailer: A Raging Selma Blair and Nicolas Cage Attempt FilicideIt’s like The Crazies, but specifically where parents go on a rampage against their kids.
  8. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: Cher Yelling at Nicolas Cage in MoonstruckThis scene is permanently stuck in my head — I see wolves and brides everywhere.
  9. Nicolas Cage–Themed Japanese Snack Was Not Endorsed by Nicolas CageNic Cage did not approve of the Nicolastick, even if it does look tasty.
  10. 17 Nicolas Cage Movies You Had No Idea ExistedThanks to the Internal Revenue Service, Cage has become the king of VOD movies.
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    Vince Neil Pleads Guilty in Vegas Battery CaseNo jail time.
  12. casting couch
    Nicolas Cage to Star in Thriller Looking GlassProduction begins this fall.
  13. trailer mix
    See the USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage TrailerStarring Nicolas Cage as a determined naval officer.
  14. casting couch
    Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair Set for Mom and DadPlaying parents who attack their children.
  15. select all
    Nicolas Cage Reenacts ‘YOU DON’T SAY’You don’t say!
  16. movie review
    Left Behind Is Biblical in Its SillinessA complete botch.
  17. gallery
    Celebrities Wearing Their Own Faces on T-ShirtsNotes on a strange trend.
  18. nicolas cage appreciation
    Community Almost Did a Nicolas Cage Episode“You have to embrace the fact that Nicolas Cage is a pretty good actor,” says Dan Harmon.
  19. casting couch
    Ashley Tisdale Cast As Nicolas Cage’s DaughterIn Left Behind. Amazing!
  20. casting
    So, Nicolas Cage Is in Talks for Left BehindMull that one over.
  21. casting
    Richard Kelly and Nicolas Cage Are Making a MovieAnd it’s not sci-fi.
  22. mockery
    Stolen Joins Ranks of Most Easily Mockable Movie TitlesStolen was stolen from Taken.
  23. frozen ground
    Watch the Frozen Ground Red Band TrailerHigh School Musical be damned!
  24. nicolas cage
    Check Out a Nicolas Cage–Hijacked Poster for Kick-AssAnd the Razzie goes to …
  25. dream casting
    Producers Want Nicolas Cage for Expendables 3And Clint Eastwood.
  26. casting couch
    Kick-Ass 2 Close to Reuniting the Whole GangAaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Chloë Moretz reportedly nearing deals.
  27. nicolas cage
    Watch Nicolas Cage ‘Perform’ John Cage4’33”. Cage on Cage.
  28. Watch a Supercut of Movie Stars Making Their Film DebutsWell, hello, Young Anthony Edwards!
  29. The Lost Roles of Fast Times at Ridgemont HighLost Roles is a weekly column that takes a particular comedic performer, movie, or show, and dives deep into all of the casting possibilities […]
  30. movie review
    Nicolas Cage and January Jones Make Deadly Opposites in Seeking JusticeHe’s not up to his usual apoplexy, but next to the somnambulant Jones, anyone would seem like they were.
  31. nicolas cage
    Most Interesting Nicolas Cage Movie in Recent Memory Won’t Feature Nicolas CageIt’s a heist movie about the time his best comic book got stolen.
  32. nicolas cage
    See the 100 Greatest Nicolas Cage Quotes Dude’s a screamer.
  33. last night on late night
    Adam Pally Is the Jewish Pothead Version of Matt McConaugheyPlus: It was Nicolas Cage’s dream to work with Andy Samberg on Saturday Night Live, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  34. Against All Odds, Nicolas Cage Desires a Wicker Man SequelTHE BEES!
  35. seeking justice
    Watch the Trailer for the Nicolas Cage Movie Seeking JusticeGet this: Nic Cage plays a vigilante out for justice!
  36. crocs
    Check Out ‘the Most Offensive Picture in the World’Picture it: Nicolas Cage walks into a room, wearing Uggs and singing that terrible song from Spider-Man
  37. movies
    Five Things to Know About Charlie Kaufman’s Wild New Movie, Frank or FrancisWhich is set to star Steve Carell, Jack Black, and Nicolas Cage.
  38. trailer mix
    Justice Trailer: Nicolas Cage Didn’t Mean to Join the MobThere’s no such thing as a free revenge murder.
  39. clickables
    Buy a Picture of Nicolas Cage As a Southern VampireYou can almost hear him saying “Sookie.”
  40. Intruders
    Nicolas Cage’s Bedroom Was Once Invaded by a Naked Man With a FudgesicleFace-off, indeed.
  41. nicolas cage
    Nicolas Cage’s Naked Fudgesicle Nightmare“I opened my eyes and there was a naked man wearing my leather jacket eating a Fudgesicle in front of my bed.”
  42. trailer mix
    Ghost Rider Sequel’s Trailer Tackles Important Subject of Flaming PeeIt burns, literally.
  43. trailer mix
    Trespass Trailer: Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman Should Consider Locking Their DoorsOh, Joel Schumacher.
  44. the industry
    Nicolas Cage Will Hunt Down Serial Killer John CusackIn a movie.
  45. Crime Scenes
    Wild at Heart: Nic Cage’s Son Arrested After L.A. Restaurant FreakoutWeston Cage, a member of metal band Eye of Noctum, goes berserk when denied an item from the menu.
  46. ink.
    Vulture’s How-To Guide for the Celebrity-Tattoo AficionadoClick through, if only to see Gwyneth Paltrow with chicken wings Photoshopped onto her back.
  47. malin akerman
    Malin Akerman Teams Up With Nic Cage for MedallionHe does love his blondes.
  48. enticements
    Nicolas Cage Has Very Specific Reasons for Making Movies“Initially what I was attracted to was the idea that I was going to get my eye shot out.”
  49. the star market
    The Star Market: Can Nicolas Cage Win Back Hollywood’s Respect, or Has He Sold Out Once Too Often?Once an Oscar winner, he now seems more dedicated to paying off debts with quickies like ‘Drive Angry 3D.’
  50. clickables
    Watch a Triumphant Beethoven–Wicker Man Mash-UpSing along at home!
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