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Amy Poehler Puts People Who Don’t Have a Nielsen Box in Their Place

"Sometimes I have to go to fancy parties like this. And if there’s just anything you can take away from today’s event, it’s that being an actor is very, very hard. [Someone in the crowd claps.] Thank you. Thank you, sir. You understand. I [...]

By Megh Wright

Mike Schur on Overnight TV Ratings

"First of all, those overnight ratings are very silly, and we all need to stop reporting them and caring about them ... Obviously, what matters is how networks can make money from ratings, but this is the system we have invented, where you can [...]

By Bradford Evans

Checking In On This Season’s Sitcom Ratings

This TV season has already seen its first sitcom cancellation with the termination of CBS's We Are Men after only two episodes. But how are the rest of this year's comedies faring in the ratings?

By Elise Czajkowski

‘Wired’ Argues that ‘The Nielsen Family Is Dead’

Wired has a piece out this week called "The Nielsen Family Is Dead," exploring the ways in which TV has left the Nielsen ratings system behind, thanks to Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Roku, iTunes, smartphones, tablets, Twitter, [...]

By Bradford Evans

Nick Kroll Says Nielsen Viewers Don’t Exist

"Don't watch Kroll Show if you don’t have a Nielsen box. I honestly don't care. Feel free to DVR it and not watch it because that will somehow help my ratings maybe, but honestly I'm talking to the four of you with a Nielsen box. If you have a [...]

By Bradford Evans

Nielsen Ratings Getting Less Awful by Comparing TV and Online Ads

In the ongoing battle to get Nielsen ratings to even somewhat resemble the reality of who's watching what television shows, a blow has been struck for verisimilitude! There's now a system in place to standardize ratings of television and online [...]

By Hallie Cantor

The Gray Lady Lets Jim Impoco Come Crawling Back

MEDIA • Fired Portfolio editor Jim Impoco makes his comeback at The New York Times Magazine, where he'll be a consulting editor. [NYO] • NBC puts its traditional glitzy advertising on the back burner. That's really too bad for the girl who was hoping to be assigned to keep tabs on John Krasinski during the day of the presentations. [NYP] • Nielsen CEO David Calhoun charts a new course for his media-measuring company. [Fortune]