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  1. climate change
    Far-Right Climate Denial Is Scary. Far-Right Climate Acceptance Is Scarier.The scientific consensus on climate change is quite compatible with a zero-sum, nationalist worldview that pits “the West” against the Third World.
  2. nightmares
    Family Dog Seized and Sold on eBay (???) in Nightmare StoryThe pug, named Edda, reportedly went for $854.
  3. nightmares
    183 Passengers Were Stranded on a Train for Over 30 Hours!!!An Amtrak train hit a tree on the tracks Sunday evening and was stranded until Tuesday morning.
  4. valentine's day
    5 Women on Their New York Dating NightmaresTales of superfluous cars, affordable apartments, and Spa Castle.
  5. science of us
    How to Recover From a Night of Bad DreamsNightmares can cause a real emotional (and even physical) impact. Here’s how to minimize it.
  6. nightmares
    Doctors Discover Forgotten 28-Year-Old Contact Lens in Woman’s EyeAhh!!
  7. nightmares
    Pregnant Woman Allegedly Forced to Endure C-Section Without AnesthesiaDelphina Mota said she was “crying and screaming at the top of her lungs” and “could feel everything that was happening.”
  8. september issues
    Clad in Demonic Rabbit Mask, Gigi Hadid Torments Small DogFor the cover of Love magazine’s tenth-anniversary issue.
  9. Donald Trump Has Never Been More Dangerous Than He Is NowTrump has decided to start governing on instinct — and his instinct is for undermining the rule of law and poisoning diplomacy with North Korea.
  10. nightmares
    Video of Rogue Ski Lift Confirms We Should All Just Stay InsideTen people were injured when the lift at the Gudauri resort spun out of control and sent skiers flying.
  11. nightmares
    Ivanka Trump Reportedly Planned to Become the First Female PresidentThe pair had an “earnest deal.”
  12. nightmares
    Keep This Photographer Who Lost His Friend’s Wedding Photos in Your ThoughtsBecause he’s gonna need it.
  13. nightmares
    Paris Hilton Is Living Your Worst Life at Burning ManThe socialite is at the Black Rock Desert festival.
  14. teens
    Teens Survive 3 Days of Being Lost in an Actual Maze of BonesThe teens were rescued from the Paris Catacombs on Wednesday morning.
  15. am i dying
    Why Do I Have Such Weird, Vivid Dreams When I’m Pregnant?It could be anxiety.
  16. Comedians Share Their Most Brutal, Humiliating, and Nightmare-Inducing […] No matter where they are in their career, one thing that all comedians have in common is the ability to take the worst moments in stride. […]
  17. JetBlue Is Messed Up Right Now Consolation baby water bottles have been handed out. 
  18. Nightmares
    New York Takes an Important Step Forward in the Fight Against Bottomless BrunchCommunity Board 5 has denied the Pranna owners a liquor license for their new concept.
  19. Nightmares
    Chuck E. Cheese’s Tries to Be Less Horrible by Serving Lattes andThe company wants to appeal to adults.
  20. What the Hell Is the Deal with Clowns?“All the world loves a clown,” Cole Porter once wrote. Turns out, not so much. Today, people’s perceptions of clowns are largely negative: […]
  21. terrors
    Initiate Nightmare Sequence, Store Mannequins Are Smart NowTerrors. 
  22. nightmares
    Now We All Can Worry About the Plague for a WeekPlague is back, back again …
  23. complaints
    Woman Claims That JetBlue Flight Attendant Forced 3-Year-Old to Pee in Seat The joys of modern air travel.
  24. stand clear of the closing doors
    Riders Trapped on Smoke-Filled 7 Train for a Very Long 20 MinutesA commuter nightmare comes to life.
  25. neighborhood news
    Woman Says She Was Locked in Park BathroomIck.
  26. nightmares
    Pedestrian Attacked by Flying Buzz Saw Air conditioners aren’t the only things that just fall out of the sky.
  27. nightmares
    Way Too Many Dead Cats Found Hanging From Trees in WestchesterMore than zero is always too many.
  28. Details on Jason Segel’s Young Adult Novel Series ‘Nightmares!’ RevealedJason Segel revealed earlier this month that he has a series of young adult novels on the way, and now, we’ve learned the books’ titles and […]
  29. Video Feed
    Watch Seven Incredibly Creepy Food CommercialsKrinkles the clown will haunt your dreams.
  30. nightmares
    Washington Heights Man Stabs Neighbors, SelfChristian Falero attacked anyone unlucky enough to answer their door.
  31. nightmares
    Justin Bieber Got Shot and Killed on CSI Last NightWatch!
  32. Menus
    What to Drink at Howl at the Moon, Bringing Cocktail Buckets to the FinancialFinally, vodka by the bucket.
  33. nightmares
    Showtime Drafts Off of Dream ManiaThey’re showing ‘Dreamscape,’ a cheesy sci-fi flick about dream raiders. Sound familiar?
  34. nightmares
    Twilight Screenwriter Dreams About Murder, Death and The End of Her Career“What I’m concerned about, what consumes me in the dream, is my life will end.”
  35. Openings
    Dueling Pianos, Cocktail Buckets Arrive in BostonHowl at the Moon will open its first Hub location this summer.
  36. air travel
    JFK to Get Worse Before It Gets BetterThe airport’s largest runway will be closed for four months this year for renovations.
  37. grieveapalooza
    Scenes From the Michael Jackson MemorialpocalypseFlowers, tears, brands all present at the Jackson funeral.