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    Food Bloggers Play Musical Chairs, Make Us DizzyThis, folks, is why some people call it the Interweb.
  2. Zagattaca
    Zagats to Launch Another Food Site?The guidebook impresarios are considering an online venture.
  3. Personalities
    Ziga-Zig-atTim Zagat’s favorite drink is iced tea (three-quarters) with cranberry juice (one-quarter).
  4. 21 questions
    Nina and Tim Zagat’s Favorite New Yorkers Are Each OtherThe couple behind the guides answers our 21 questions, mostly in unison.
  5. Zagat Guide
    Not Enough Superlatives to Describe Zagats’ Upstate HouseThey put in a wine cellar, a conservatory, and other places to be murdered in a foodie Clue game.
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    New Taste of the UWS Reminds Us to Eat UptownUpper West Siders are dismayed to learn of delayed openings for Kefi 2.0 and Shake Shack!
  7. intel
    Zagat Family Gets Poor Ratings From EmployeesThe office culture at Tim and Nina Zagat’s office is “antiquated and weird,” a former employee told Portfolio today, of the restaurant-guide publisher, which has been reported to be for sale for up to $200 million. Apparently, few will shed tears when the family passes the torch. “They have vendettas,” another former Zagat worker told us this afternoon. “If you piss them off — give them a bad meal, are not as fawning to them as they would like — they’ll kick you out of the book. I always thought that kind of vindictiveness was really hypocritical for a company that claims its reviews are ‘by the people.’” Yikes! Either that ex-employee has a really good point or is just still bitter about the party the Zagats threw at their Central Park West townhouse last year. “Despite the open bar, the hosts didn’t think to rent portable toilets for the occasion, nor did they want employees entering their home to use the bathrooms,” says Portfolio. “Instead, suffering underlings were instructed to ‘hold it.’” A Zagat rep did not immediately return calls for comment. The Wait Is Almost Over for Zagat Workers [Mixed Media/Portfolio]