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  1. A Brief Conversation With John Dean, Former White House Counsel to NixonTrump would “have trouble surreptitiously recording somebody, you know, starting the machine … Nixon would’ve had the same problem.”
  2. Almost 20 Years Later, ‘Dick’ Still Holds Up There has never been a better time to watch Dick. Just kidding, it has ALWAYS been a great time to watch Dick, but at least there’s now […]
  3. trump
    Read Nixon’s 1987 Letter to Future Candidate Trump Predicting His WinTricky Dick’s encouragement may have planted the seeds for Trump’s run.
  4. Harry Shearer to Play Richard Nixon in an Upcoming Web SeriesHere’s a preview of Nixon’s The One, an upcoming web series starring Harry Shearer as the one and only Richard Nixon reenacting a real-life […]
  5. roger ailes
    Gawker Uncovers a 1970 ‘Plan for Putting the GOP on TV News’What else is just floating around the Nixon Library?
  6. early and awful
    President Nixon Didn’t Consider Himself ‘Prejudiced,’ He Just Found Jews ‘Insecure’Hear his racist remarks.
  7. The Comedy Writer That Helped Elect Richard NixonDid you have any idea that the head writer of Laugh In was a hardcore conservative who regularly took calls from Nixon? I didn’t! The Comedy […]
  8. trendlet
    Slideshow: 33 Equestrian-Chic FindsYee-haw for riding boots, saddle bags, and expertly tailored jackets.
  9. agenda
    ‘Nixon’ Does Unthinkable: Makes Tricky Dick SympatheticRevisit Oliver Stone’s 1995 drama about another president whose legacy hangs in tatters.