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  1. no
    Happy Friday! A Rat Fell on a Table at Buffalo Wild WingsAnd all we have to say is no, no no no, nope, no way, absolutely not.
  2. t.i.please no
    As We Should Have Predicted, Infowars and Vanderpump Rules Have ConvergedAs the Book of Revelation foretold.
  3. no
    Former Trump Adviser Says He Has It Worse Than Harassment VictimsCarter Page said Al Franken’s victims “would most likely prefer being briefly groped” to what he’s gone through.
  4. select all
    Twitter Suggests Trump Host Press Briefings OnlineNot a great idea.
  5. statements
    Michael Shannon’s Oscars Accessory Says It AllWe relate.
  6. no
    This ASOS Dinosaur Tail Can Be the Most Unflattering Thing in Your ClosetHow do you even sit down in this?
  7. Man’s Indiegogo Campaign to ‘Re-create’ 9/11 Gets Shut DownJet fuel can’t melt … yeah, no.
  8. Radiohead Fans Are Eating Pictures of Thom Yorke Because They’re Radiohead FansYum?
  9. This Is Bentley, the Cute Dog Who — No, BENTLEY, NOOOOO!!!Bentley, a dog, makes a friend. Briefly.
  10. music videos
    Meghan Trainor Does Her Best Brit in ‘No’ VideoThe employee handbook clearly states no writhing near the gears.
  11. new music
    Meghan Trainor’s New Single Sounds Like All of TRL Smooshed Into One SongFrom *NSYNC to Britney to Tom Green to *NSYNC.
  12. no
    According to Ivanka, Trump Is Our AdvocateAll female children of Trump will have equality in the Trump administration.
  13. Awful #JSIL Campaign Likens Israel to ISISUm, yeah, not quite.
  14. director's chair
    No Director Might Helm Scarface RebootWhich is to say, a director.
  15. Poorly Dressed Lohan Flees One Rehab, Ends Up at AnotherShe’s a daisy chain of probation violations.
  16. Gross Stories
    Report Claims Dog Meat Sold at Chinatown MarketIt stops at chocolate bark.
  17. no
    So Does the Bird From Up Represent the LGBT Community?No.