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  1. (non) apologies
    Did Joe Biden Forget He Was There for the Anita Hill Testimony?He says he wishes he “could have done something” to help her … at the hearings he famously chaired.
  2. oscars 2019
    Kevin Hart Steps Down from Hosting Oscars“I am sorry that I hurt people.”
  3. non-apologies
    Kevin Hart Addresses Homophobic Tweets by Asking You Not to Kill His VibeHart refused to apologize, even when The Academy demanded it.
  4. non-apologies
    Trump Tells U.K. He ‘Would Apologize’ for Racist Retweets, Doesn’t Quite Do ItHe mainly emphasized that he didn’t know Britain First was a far-right extremist group when he promoted their anti-Muslim videos.
  5. non-apologies
    Jimmy Fallon Was ‘Devastated’ by Trump Hair-Petting Interview Fallout“I’m a people pleaser. If there’s one bad thing on Twitter about me, it will make me upset.”
  6. fan service
    Luke Bryan Doesn’t Quite Apologize for Hitting a Heckler During a PerformanceHe’s very sorry-not-sorry.
  7. non-apologies
    Azealia Banks Apologizes for Racist Tweets“I want to extend my sincerest apologies to the world.”
  8. non-apologies
    A. Banks Lost It Again, Insults Fan on InstagramFollowing the controversy over her anti-gay remarks.
  9. non-apologies
    To Clarify, Hillary Clinton Is Not Sorry for Using a Private Email AccountShe’s not apologizing because, “What I did was allowed.”
  10. apologies
    CeeLo Green Non-Apologizes for ‘Idiotic’ Rape TweetsHe wrote them after being charged with rape.
  11. non-apologies
    Nugent Apologizes for Saying ‘Subhuman Mongrel’He’s sorry to the Republicans he embarrassed.
  12. non-apologies
    Dan Stevens Apologizes for Downton, Sort OfHe is sorry for ruining your Christmas, anyway.
  13. non-apologies
    Lil Wayne Has Officially Non-Apologized for His Emmett Till Lyric“I would like to take a moment to acknowledge your hurt.”
  14. non-apologies
    Rick Ross Formally Non-Apologizes for His Rape Lyric“Apologies for the #lyric interpreted as rape.”
  15. non-apologies
    Angel Haze Is Sorry, Sort Of“I don’t like the fact that I was a bully in a certain way.”
  16. non-apologies
    Okay, So Ke$ha Wasn’t ‘Forced’ to Sing Those ‘Die Young’ LyricsRight on time.
  17. non-apologies
    And Here Is Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscars Non-ApologyRight on time!
  18. Rihanna Is Not Too Concerned About Those Coachella Drug PhotosOf which there are several.
  19. non-apologies
    The Black Keys Are Sorry But Not Really Sorry for That Nickelback Dis“It just came out.”
  20. non-apologies
    Chris Brown Will Now Tell You How He Feels, If You’re InterestedHear his new song, “How I Feel.”
  21. non-apologies
    Questlove Didn’t Mean to Hurt Michele Bachmann’s FeelingsBut he didn’t exactly apologize.