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  1. early and often
    North Carolina GOP Makes Brazen Attempt to Curb Power of New Democratic GovernorThey called a special session to introduce bills that would drastically change how the state operates, before Roy Cooper takes office.
  2. Faced With a Loss, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory Cries Voter FraudTwo weeks after the election, and trailing Democrat Roy Cooper, the Republican incumbent is refusing to concede.
  3. Latino Turnout Is Surging in Early Voting Across Battleground StatesAnd the spike appears to be fueled by low-propensity voters, whom pollsters weren’t counting on. For Trump, that could mean doom.
  4. Black Turnout Is Down in Early Voting. Does That Mean the Trumpocalypse Is Nigh?Democrats’ nightmare looks like this: Upscale Republicans come home for Trump, while black voters just stay home. The latter may be happening.
  5. Trump Is Losing Ground in the Reddest of Swing StatesFlorida and North Carolina are slipping out of his grasp — and the GOP’s Senate hopes could slip away with them.
  6. Despite Close Race, Democrats Stop Spending Against Rubio in FloridaThe DSCC cancels $6 million in ad reservations, leaving Democratic Senate candidate Patrick Murphy on his own down the homestretch.
  7. weather
    A Week Later, Hurricane Matthew Death Toll Continues to RiseIn North Carolina whole towns remain underwater.
  8. North Carolina Is Still Underwater From Hurricane MatthewWhile his sister, Hurricane Nicole, slams Bermuda as a powerful category 3 storm.
  9. hurricane matthew
    Hurricane Matthew, Now a Category 1, Makes Landfall in South CarolinaSignificant flooding is still expected from the record rainfall and coastal storm surge.
  10. teens
    This Teen Texted Behind Donald Trump on Live TVWow, Donald Trump is really struggling with millennials.
  11. lgbt
    North Carolina Boycott Continues As ACC Pulls League ChampionshipsThe state stands to lose at least $30 million from the protest over its transgender “bathroom law.”
  12. Deadlocked SCOTUS Refuses to Revive N.C.’s Voter Suppression Law – for NowIn the long battle over voting rights, today’s decision doesn’t even amount to a skirmish. But don’t tell that to conspiracy-minded Trump supporters.
  13. GOP Voter-Suppression Efforts Are Shifting to the Local LevelRepublicans are finding ways of evading federal judicial supervision.
  14. NBA: No All-Star Game in NC Due to Bathroom LawMonths after the NBA warned North Carolina that its discriminatory law would cost it the All-Star Game, the league has made good on that threat.
  15. not great
    North Carolina Restaurant Accused of Tampering With Uniformed Officers’ FoodEmployees reportedly doused one’s wings with so much hot sauce he couldn’t eat them.
  16. crime scene
    Real-Life Ronald McDonald Shot Outside a SonicHe was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.
  17. lgbt rights
    Oklahoma’s Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill Rightfully BackfiredFor now, this fight is over.
  18. Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace on Playing N.C.At times, my mind was even jumping to the fear of “What if a crazy comes to the show and tries to kill me?”
  19. can u not
    A North Carolina School District Want to Ban Skinny Jeans to Prevent BullyingCan this state like chill for a sec?
  20. boycotts
    Maroon 5 Make ‘Morally Right’ Decision to Boycott North CarolinaThey have canceled two shows.
  21. lgbt rights
    North Carolina Governor Blames His State’s Bathroom Law on U.S. Government“Congress has been sitting on the sidelines.” 
  22. protests
    Laura Jane Grace Burns Birth Certificate in NC“Good-bye gender!”
  23. lgbt rights
    California Assembly Passes Bill to Make All Public Bathrooms Gender-NeutralTake that, North Carolina.
  24. Video Feed
    25-Ton Potato Spill Blocks Off North Carolina Highway for HoursDrivers awoke to a hellish commute courtesy of 50,000 runaway taters.
  25. north carolina
    Cyndi Lauper Will Use NC Show to Protest Bill“Let’s make it a rally.”
  26. transphobia
    DOJ: NC’s ‘Bathroom Bill’ Violates Civil Rights The DOJ determined that banning transgender employees from accessing their preferred bathroom is a violation of the Civil Rights Act.
  27. DOJ: NC’s ‘Bathroom Bill’ Violates Civil Rights The Justice Department has determined that any employer who bans transgender employees from accessing their preferred bathroom is in violation of the Civil Rights Act.
  28. north carolina
    Beyoncé Denounces North Carolina’s Anti-LGBTQ Laws — After Performing ThereShe applauded efforts to overturn the anti-LGBTQ laws.
  29. voting rights
    Federal Judge Upholds Controversial North Carolina Voter ID LawHe ruled the law does not discriminate against minorities.
  30. vulture guides
    Will Beyoncé and Bieber Boycott North Carolina? Here’s who else has shows scheduled for North Carolina and Mississippi this spring.
  31. The Potty DecidesWill Trump’s opposition to North Carolina’s bathroom bill be the one “gaffe” that actually hurts him?
  32. The Chain Gang
    KFC Apologizes for Serving Woman a Fried KidneyShould’ve gone to Popeye’s.
  33. Donald Trump Comes Out Against North Carolina’s ‘Very Strong’ Bathroom BillThe GOP front-runner says transgender people should “go and use the bathroom they feel is appropriate.”
  34. Horrible Customers
    Truly Awful Customers Leave Hateful ‘Tip’ for Lesbian ServerThey wrote “Leviticus 20:13,” which casually notes gay people “shall surely be put to death.”
  35. boycotts
    Laura Jane Grace Plans to Play North CarolinaThe trans frontwoman and her band will play N.C. next month.
  36. stupidity
    Jimmy Buffet Condemns North Carolina LawStupid, stupid, stupid.
  37. north carolina
    Joel McHale Donates North Carolina Show Proceeds to Durham LGBTQ CenterIt’s like an episode of Community where everyone learns a big lesson.
  38. equal rights
    Cuomo and de Blasio Ban Travel to North Carolina Over Anti-LGBT LawJoining other governments and many businesses in opposing the new measure.
  39. lgbt rights
    Major Businesses Condemn North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT LawIncluding the NBA.
  40. early and often
    5 Cops Disciplined After Trump Rally Assault“We regret that any of the circumstances at the Trump rally occurred.”
  41. More Than 100 Vehicles Involved in Pileup on North Carolina InterstateCovering a six-mile stretch of highway.
  42. N.C.’s Welfare Drug Tests Find Minimal Drug UseLess than 0.3 percent of those screened had used drugs.
  43. Not A Hoax
    Doctors Are Livid About the ‘Krispy Kreme Challenge’The name is being massacred as an “egregious conflict of interest.”
  44. Close Calls
    Kid Finds Officer’s Gun in a Restaurant Bathroom“I just knew by the panic in her voice, something was wrong.”
  45. Discrimination
    A North Carolina Bar Owner Kicked Out a Gay Couple for Kissing“You’re making people feel uncomfortable.”
  46. Tips
    A North Carolina Diner Customer Left a $9,000 Tip Because of Mother’s DayHe even tipped other customers.
  47. Alleged Shooter Will Face Death Penalty in Killing of 3 MuslimsThe victims’ father called him a “coward” and “scumbag” in court.
  48. WWJP?
    This Restaurant Owner Lets Customers Ask God How Much They Should PaySo far, she says her revenue has nearly tripled.
  49. wrongful convictions
    After 30 Years in Prison, DNA Clears Brothers Convicted of Rape and MurderAnd points to a man they befriended in jail.
  50. politics
    Keith Crisco, Clay Aiken’s Primary Opponent, Found Dead in North CarolinaThe 71-year-old reportedly suffered a fall at his home this afternoon.
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