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    Tricking Your Readers Isn’t Cute, Even If It’s in the Name of Voter RegistrationIf you see a link on Twitter claiming Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are splitting up, you might want to think twice about clicking it.
  2. not cool
    My Chemical Romance Got Their Fans All Excited for NothingDon’t call it a comeback. No, seriously, don’t.
  3. not cool
    Even for Brooklyn Decker, Pumping Sucks“Pumped in the bathroom. Returned 15 min. later. Flight closed.”
  4. not cool
    Taylor Swift Says Her Cats Would Probably Not Think She’s Cool Even though she can list off every breed in no time flat.
  5. Not Cool
    Ice Cream Shop’s Planned Parenthood Benefit Met With Deluge of ThreateningIt received “very disturbing” voice mails and phone calls.
  6. progress
    Text Messages Are Declining for the First Time in 22 Years can u keep UP?
  7. Not Cool
    Kids With Rocks Attack Ice-Cream Truck in AnnapolisTurkey in the Straw? More like soft-serve-filled sitting duck.
  8. Not Cool
    Houstonites: Maybe Steer Clear of the Snow Cones for a WhileYou never know when the frozen treats vendor brings inventory into the bathroom.
  9. Not Cool
    Hayes Valley Thai Spot Makes Yet Another Extortion Claim Against YelpMore extortion claims. Sigh.
  10. not cool
    Disney’s Cruel Marketing Strategy for Toy Story 3Free screenings for college students! But it’s only two-thirds of the movie.
  11. not cool
    Columbia Professor Punches Lady Colleague In the FaceA real class act.