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  1. whole foods
    Now Whole Foods Has to Deal With HepatitisAt least two people got ill after eating prepared foods at a Detroit store.
  2. not good
    These Common Teething Products Are Dangerous for Young ChildrenThe FDA says consumers should stop using them and throw away whatever they have.
  3. not good
    Who Hacked Muslim Fashion Bloggers’ Instagrams?Disturbing.
  4. bad things
    Huge Fire Sweeps Through Hotel Near World’s Tallest Building in DubaiThe New Year’s Eve festivities are supposed to proceed as planned. 
  5. 24-Year-Old Dies After Trying to Climb the Four Seasons HotelHe may have been trying to take pictures.
  6. not good
    Massive Fire Swallows Empty Building in ChelseaThe fire was under control by 7 a.m.
  7. Not Good
    Muslim Waitress Says She Was Sent Home From Work for Wearing a HijabIt happened at London’s ritzy Savoy Hotel.
  8. Not Good
    The Latest Restaurant in Trouble for Flying a Confederate Flag … Is inIn a historically preserved building, no less.
  9. not good
    Mariel Hemingway Says Woody Allen Tried to Seduce Her at 18In her forthcoming memoir, Out Came the Sun.
  10. Not Good
    California Club Requires Women to Wear Heels“Exception will be made if injured.”
  11. Not Good
    Nigella Lawson’s Husband Met With Police After Public Choking IncidentCharles Saatchi reportedly “accepted a caution for assault.”
  12. Not Good
    Charles Saatchi Choked Nigella Lawson at a RestaurantThe celebrity chef and her husband’s public confrontational lunch is now tabloid fodder.
  13. Not Good
    Mesa Grill in Brain Damage SuitBad situation for Flay.