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Nuclear Arms

  1. North Korea ‘Probably’ Has Miniaturized NukeIf so, Kim Jong-un has made considerable progress in his nuclear ambitions.
  2. Kim Jong-un Wants North Korea’s Nukes ‘Ready for Use’Someone’s not liking his new U.N. sanctions.
  3. North Korea Launches Long-Range RocketThe country says it was trying to send a satellite into orbit, but world powers aren’t buying it.
  4. North Korea May Have Tested Components of a Hydrogen BombPyongyang may even believe the January 6 test was the real deal (but it probably wasn’t).
  5. North Korea Apparently Back to Nuclear TrollingThe Yongbyon nuclear reactor restarts.
  6. Despite Tensions With Russia, Obama Will Propose Nuclear Arms CutsBoth countries could still blow up the world.
  7. Pentagon Says North Korea May or May Not Have Nuclear MissilesThanks for clearing that up.
  8. North Korea Confirms ‘Earthquake’ Was Actually a Nuclear TestIt’s official now.
  9. North Korea Threatens Nuclear Test, Calls the U.S. Its ‘Archenemy’In a rare break from threatening South Korea.
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    Obama Administration Offers $4 Billion Boost to Nuclear Arms ArsenalBut it’s only to maintain a nuclear arms control treaty in the future.
  11. Ahmadinejad: New Sanctions Are Like ‘a Used Hankerchief’U.N. Security Council approves them by 12–2 vote.
  12. Clinton Says New Iran Sanctions Are ‘Most Significant’ EverU.N. Security Council set to vote Wednesday.
  13. Iran Has Enough Fuel to Build Two Nuclear Weapons, Says U.N. ReportU.N. Security Council to vote on fourth round of sanctions.
  14. Post-Summit, China Still Not Fully Aligned on Iran Nuclear Arms CrackdownAll nations agree to lock down “nuclear material” within next four years.
  15. Obama to Place Limits on U.S. Nuclear Weapons UseExceptions would be made for countries who aren’t abiding by nuclear proliferation treaties.
  16. Barack Obama Believes in Bi-partisanship Again, Now That Nuclear Weapons Are InvolvedObama hopes the GOP will work with him on arms control.
  17. U.S., Russia Reach Nuclear Arms DealThey’ll still have thousands of nuclear warheads each, however.