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Nuclear Deal

  1. With Another Deadline Looming, a Nuclear Deal With Iran Remains UncertainSome reports have suggested an agreement is close, but Secretary of State John Kerry says it could still go “either way.”
  2. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Finally Talks About the Iran DealI’m neither for nor against it.”
  3. Diplomats Ask for an Extension on Writing Up Iran NegotiationsNegotiators hoped to reach a deal on Iran’s nuclear capabilities by March 31, but they’re still talking.
  4. Other Countries Now Mad About Iran Letter TooThe Republican senators who signed it aren’t too worried. 
  5. What You Need to Know About the Iran Nuclear TalksThe deadline to finalize the historic deal is fast approaching.
  6. That Sound You Hear Is a Nuclear Deal With Iran RecedingTalks have been extended by another six months.
  7. Nuclear Negotiations With Iran Were Kept Super SecretNews outlets knew of talks before the U.S. told Israel.