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  1. extortion
    Jeff Bezos Thwarts the National Enquirer’s Nude Picture Extortion AttemptThe Amazon CEO published correspondence between his camp and a tabloid digging up dirt on his affair.
  2. This Is What Robots Think Nudes AreAI porn is awful, but AI nude portraits are nice!
  3. select all
    How 4 College Students Traded Their Nudes for a Very Cute PuppyBalto the husky was for sale for $300 … or several nude photos.
  4. always shopping
    These Practical but Sleek Nude Heels Come in 5 Skin TonesBy a former Goldman Sachs VP who wanted her shoes to match her legs.
  5. Justin Bieber Is Having a Very Bad SummerHackers posted nudes of Bieber on Selena Gomez’s Instagram.
  6. let's makeup
    Bobbi Brown on Why She Really Left Her Brand and Didn’t Make a Contour Palette“Even supersmart women want to feel good.”
  7. last night on late night
    Beckinsale’s Kid Looks at Naked Pics of Her DadNope, not weird at all.
  8. clapbacks
    Kim Kardashian Claps Back at Critics of Nude PicThe internet: a simmering roast battle just waiting to boil over.
  9. gallery
    See Female Nudes Taken Around the World (NSFW)Inside Amanda Charchian’s Pheromone Hotbox.
  10. Why This Comedian Is Selling ‘Shrek Nudes’ to Benefit Planned Parenthood“The real idea behind it is that no matter how silly or bizarre an idea people think selling Shrek nudes is, it’s an idea that involves my body that’s 100 percent within my control.”
  11. just underwear
    A Guide for What to Wear Under White Clothing Practical undergarments.
  12. tribeca film festival
    Laverne Cox Prepped for Her Nude Photo Shoot With Macaroni and Cheese“I was my biggest weight during that photo shoot.”
  13. photography
    See Todd Hido’s Haunting Hotel Room Nudes Talking to the San Francisco–based photographer about some of his lesser-known work.
  14. nudie pics
    Hipsters Get Naked for New Art ShowRyan McGinley’s new show features 700 portraits.
  15. sextortion
    California Revenge Pornographer Gets Five YearsHe extorted 350 women for 3,000 nudes. 
  16. Upstate Politician With Sepia-Toned Nude Self-Portraits Lost ElectionStephen Eckel now has more time to focus on his photography.
  17. White House Streaker Not A Security ThreatJust a guy out for a jog in 35 degree weather.
  18. Naked Photo of Carla Bruni Not Worth as Much as it Once WasAnd with that, a new economic indicator is born.
  19. nudes
    ‘Ghost Town’: Hey, What Happened to Naked Guy Ghost?How did he die? Why was he naked when he died? Did they film a scene of Ricky Gervais delivering clothes to his naked widow?