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    The Remarkable Rise of Empire, in 7 ChartsSometimes the best way to measure impact is through the Magical Power of Charts and Graphs.
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    Why Shows Like The Following Are Bigger Hits Than Originally ThoughtStreaming and VOD numbers are shedding new light on shows that at first seem to have underperformed.
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    RM Champagne Salon By the NumbersThat’s 37 sabered bottles!
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    One in Three Films Next Year Will Be Based on Unoriginal MaterialRemakes, reboots, rereleases, sequels, and prequels will be a third of what’s on offer.
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    Americans Have Been This Angry Since JulyA new poll reveals that their opinions haven’t changed much since mid-summer.
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    Beck’s D.C. Rally Drew More Than Those of Liberal Groups, According to ReportsOrganizers of Saturday’s event estimate crowd of 175,000.
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    NBC Finally Realizes You Get What You Pay For, Agrees to Pay MoreFor shows from J.J. Abrams and Jerry Bruckheimer.