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Nypd Blues

  1. Q&A: An NYPD Officer’s Real Talk on Garner CaseThis man in blue lays the blame squarely at the feet of Ray Kelly.
  2. Former NYPD Diver Sues Over Racial HarassmentA diver says he felt threatened.
  3. NYPD Cars Got Into a Dramatic Crash While Responding to the Same CallNYPD’s Keystone Kops moment.
  4. With Bratton Pick for Top Cop, De Blasio Gets ConservativeIt’s a choice meant to reassure the city’s nervous elites.
  5. De Blasio Fills Three Top Posts — But Not Top CopBill Bratton will just have to wait.
  6. What’s the Reason You Love New York? #RTLNYPost your reasons with the hashtag #RTLNY on Twitter and Instagram, and they might get published in the magazine.
  7. Hefty Retired Cop Sues NYPD Over Slim PensionSays the job, not his weight, caused heart condition.
  8. Ray Kelly’s Complicated LegacyLet’s revisit this matter in 2025.
  9. Stop-and-Frisk Ruled Unconstitutional, But It Won’t StopThe NYPD will instead get a federal monitor to oversee the program.
  10. The NYPD Is Getting an Inspector General, Says City CouncilThe bill has enough votes to override Bloomberg’s veto.
  11. Justice Department Wants NYPD Monitor, If Stop-and-Frisk Is WrongThey don’t want to weigh it on the discrimination issue.
  12. Alleged Fabricating Cop Apparently Not That CreativeQuestionable confessions have similar language.
  13. NYPD Says Stop-And-Frisk Complaints Rarely About RaceCommanders say profiling complaints just don’t come up.
  14. Stop-and-Frisks on the DeclineBut they will remain a major election-year issue.
  15. NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk Defense Is Extremely Unflattering to CopsBrass suggests quotas elicit work.
  16. Ray Kelly Denies Admitting Stop-and-Frisk Targets MinoritiesSays state senator’s testimony is “absolutely, categorically untrue.”
  17. NYPD Cops Now Have to Explain Their Stop-and-FrisksDepartment memo requires more than just a “furtive movement.”
  18. Whistle-blower Audio at NYPD Trial: Stop ‘Male Blacks, 14 to 20’A commander makes stop-and-frisk targets explicit.
  19. Quinn Says NYPD Inspector General Plan Can Override VetoThe NYPD is less thrilled about new oversight.
  20. Little Violence in Second Brooklyn Protest Over Police ShootingMore vigils and demonstrations planned this week.
  21. Rocks, Bottles Hurled at Cops in Brooklyn After Shooting Victim’s VigilThings are tense in East Flatbush right now.
  22. Some Cops Can’t Stop Acting Like Children on Their RadiosKeying the mic” sounds fun, but so childish.
  23. Bronx Stop-And-Frisk Won’t Stop Quite YetJudge agrees it’s too complicated and costly to simply halt.
  24. Cop Faces Prison After Alleged False ArrestHe faces ten felony charges.
  25. Three Cops Wounded in Two Shootings an Hour ApartGunfire in the Bronx and Brooklyn.
  26. City Lawsuits Cost New York $70 Per PersonThe city could have bought everyone dinner for that price.
  27. NYPD Busted for Barbecuing Behind Ray Kelly’s BackCops violated the fire code, failed to save a plate for their boss.
  28. Cop Fights Crime With His Long PenisWhat is this, Bored to Death?
  29. nypd blues
    Commissioner Kelly Fires Back at the Press Says that the NYPD is under unfair “attack” from the AP.