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Obstruction Of Justice

  1. donald trump
    Trump Asked the White House Counsel to Instruct DOJ to Prosecute His EnemiesDonald McGahn warned Trump this sort of thinking could get him impeached. But he didn’t listen.
  2. White House: Trump isn’t Not Obstructing Justice, He’s ‘Fighting Back.’Tomato, tomahto. The White House also offered a novel defense for Trump’s apparent unfamiliarity with grocery shopping.
  3. Like Everyone Else, Mueller Is Obsessing Over Trump’s TweetsUnlike the rest of us, the special counsel is using Trump’s favorite mode of communication to build an obstruction of justice case.
  4. Trump’s Lawyers: Obstruction of Justice Is Legal If You’re PresidentAccording to a leaked letter, the president’s legal team is gearing up for a constitutional fight over Trump’s presidential powers.
  5. Giuliani Walks Back Confusing Comments on Trump, Comey — Creates More ConfusionTrump’s new lead lawyer tried to undo some of the damage he did to his client in earlier comments, but left a lot of questions unresolved.
  6. Why the GOP’s Campaign Against ‘Lyin’ Comey’ Makes No SenseComey’s credibility doesn’t actually matter — Trump has already, personally confirmed the former FBI director’s most damning allegation.
  7. Report: Mueller May Set Aside Obstruction Portion of Trump InvestigationIn part to minimize the possibility that the president will try to fire him.
  8. Trump Says He ‘Looks Forward’ to Being Questioned by MuellerHe’ll be under oath, too.
  9. 19 Times President Trump May Have Obstructed JusticeUnfortunately for Trump, if Mueller builds an obstruction case, it probably won’t hinge on a single erroneous tweet drafted by his lawyer.
  10. GOP Senators Join Long List of People Trump Pressured to End the Russia ProbeHe called the Senate Intelligence Committee chair, and a number of other GOP lawmakers, and said he wanted them to wrap up their investigation.
  11. Trump Courts Appearance of Impropriety in Interviewing U.S. Attorney CandidatesHe personally interviewed U.S. attorney candidates in jurisdictions where cases against him or his businesses might arise.
  12. Trump Assures Lawyers That His Attacks on Sessions Are Wholly IrrationalTrump insists that his harassment of Sessions can’t be obstruction because he has nothing to hide, is just doing all this out of pointless spite.
  13. Trump Rethinks ‘Attack the Lead Investigator’ Approach to Russia ProbeTrump won’t file a complaint against James Comey for leaking (for now), as a gesture of goodwill toward Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
  14. Deputy Attorney General May Recuse Himself From Russia ProbeThat would leave Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand in charge. Here’s what you need to know about her.
  15. Trump Suggests ‘Bad and Conflicted’ Special Counsel Is Leading a ‘WITCH HUNT’Trump just learned Robert Mueller is investigating him for obstruction of justice. Now, his job (and the rule of law) may be in jeopardy.
  16. Trump Is Under Investigation for Obstruction of Justice: ReportThe special counsel is interviewing senior intelligence officials to determine whether Trump’s conduct toward Comey constituted a federal crime.
  17. James Comey: Maker and Unmaker of Presidents?His judgments may have turned the 2016 election — and laid the groundwork for an early end to the Trump administration.
  18. Trump Asked Comey to Drop Flynn Investigation, Jail Journalists: MemoThe FBI director kept written records of interactions with Trump that struck him as inappropriate. The memos are starting to leak.
  19. The Complicated Politics of Impeachment Are Coming Into Play in Trump’s D.C.If the president’s “Russia problem” persists, Republicans will have to decide whether they really want him heading up their ticket.