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  1. obviously
    The Academy Backtracks on Oscar Telecast Date Because Of CourseIt won’t be sticking with the early February idea.
  2. obviously
    The College Admissions Scam Is, of Course, Being Made Into a SeriesAnnapurna has optioned a forthcoming book on the scandal.
  3. Introducing Cher’s Virtual Closet From Clueless: It’s Yours NowTry on Cher’s yellow plaid until you just can’t look at swatches anymore. 
  4. obviously
    Anti-Gay, Anti-Masturbation Pastor Caught Masturbating Next to PlaygroundShocking, right?
  5. obviously
    Kate Moss’s Drunken Karaoke Was All for CharityThe supermodel hit the stage, then writhed on the floor. Naturally.
  6. obviously
    Bloomberg Spends $18.6M on Campaign, Feeding StaffDid you expect him to drop a penny less?
  7. obviously
    Tina Fey, Queen of All MediaShe’s been voted the AP’s Entertainer of the Year!
  8. obviously
    Ron Artest Puts Out Oddly Legit Mix TapeThe Houston Rockets forward has teamed with some reputable D.J.’s, and we fear his work may be relevant.
  9. obviously
    Woman Named Popcorn Predicts Boom in Popcorn MoviesWith the current economic climate going to crap, people are going to want to escape at the movies now more than ever.
  10. obviously
    Leaked MGM Memo: Everyone Loves the ‘Valkyrie’ Trailer!An internal memo trumpets that the Internet is positively smiten with the Tom Cruise flick. Apparently we’re using a different Internet?
  11. obviously
    ‘Fireproof’ Is a Hit!Kirk Cameron’s faith-based film miraculously cracked the weekend box-office top five.