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  1. NYPD Protects Zuccotti Park From Knitting Old WomanShe was singled out and removed from the protest while shaking.
  2. DNA From Sarah Fox Murder Probably Not Connected to Occupy Wall StreetThe link is increasingly looking like a lab mistake.
  3. DNA Links Unsolved 2004 Murder to Recent Occupy Wall Street Protest [Updated]Big break in the murder of Julliard student Sarah Fox.
  4. Protesters Blocking Bridge Fall for ‘Ambulance Is Coming’ TrickThen they got arrested anyway.
  5. Did JPMorgan Shut Down a Plaza to Fend Off Occupy Protesters?The bank can’t tell us why it has fenced off a piece of Lower Manhattan.
  6. Twitter Must Turn Over Protester’s Diabolical PlansA judge ruled today against the privacy argument.
  7. Occupy Wall Street Candidate for Congress Finished With 752 VotesTwenty-year veteran Nydia Velazquez won handily, but George Martinez remains optimistic.
  8. Occupy Wall Street Loses Overblown Trinity Church TrialAll eight defendants were found guilty.
  9. There Are Now Occupy Wall Street ‘Pirates’Arrrr-cupy.
  10. Protesters Now Occupying Brooklyn ApartmentSad face.
  11. occupy wall street
    Occupy Wall Street Candidate for Congress Wasn’t Invited to DebateGeorge Martinez’s purposeful lack of fund-raising may stunt his campaign.
  12. NYPD Officials Pretending Journalists Weren’t Arrested at Occupy Wall StreetThe police department’s spokesman calls it “a total myth.”
  13. Judge Okays Occupy Wall Street Lawsuit Over Brooklyn Bridge ArrestsBut he said Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly aren’t to blame.
  14. Meet George Martinez, Occupy’s Rapping Brooklynite Congressional CandidateHip-hop diplomat” George Martinez is running for real.
  15. Even Adbusters Realizes Occupy Wall Street Isn’t Working The magazine that started the movement is calling for a shift in strategy.
  16. Occupy Wall Street Battling Trinity Church Ahead of Court DateThe protest movement wants leniency from the landowning church.
  17. NYPD Unconcerned With Actually Convicting Occupy Wall Street ProtestersDemonstrators are appearing in court, but the cops haven’t been showing up at all.
  18. Occupy Wall Street Sues NYC in the Name of the People’s LibraryThe Zuccotti Park raid will never be forgiven.
  19. Student Found Not Guilty Thanks to Video at First Occupy Wall Street TrialTurns out he wasn’t blocking the street, or even a part of the movement.
  20. Former Occupy Wall Street Space Now Occupied by Artisanal Food TrucksNew York City, circa 2012.
  21. Kerfuffles
    Occupy the Farm Forcibly Unoccupied Once Again
  22. Twitter Fighting Subpoena for Occupy Wall Street TweetsYesterday we filed a motion in NYC to defend a user’s voice.”
  23. Crime Scenes
    Regarding Those Black-Clad Anarchists Who Don’t Much Care for Four BarrelA supplier of gas masks and such says a lot of the kids are trust-fund types.
  24. Crime Scenes
    Wells Fargo Donates to Vandalized Mission RestaurantsAlso, a grass-roots effort has raised $6,000.
  25. Kerfuffles
    Oakland Occupy Protests Target Small, Local BusinessesThe Occupiers don’t want Oakland’s Uptown to be too nice, it seems.
  26. ‘Hipster Cop’ Actually Just a Cranky Music-HaterTurn it down!”
  27. The Many Faces of Occupy Wall Street’s May DaySee pictures from yesterday’s citywide protests.
  28. What Comes After May Day for Occupy Wall Street?May 1 brought big crowds and good vibes, but no obvious path forward.
  29. Crime Scenes
    Chefs and Restaurateurs React to Last Night’s Mission HoodlumsWill there be more destruction tonight?
  30. Crime Scenes
    Farina, Bar Tartine, Four Barrel Vandalized in Pre-May Day MarchA few windows went smash.
  31. Protesters Deploy, Police Brace for May Day Protests [Updated]Protesters will march from Bryant Park to Union Square then down to Wall Street.
  32. Brooklyn Home Returned to Owner After Occupy Squatters Arrested and RemovedA promise to relocate a homeless family went unfulfilled.
  33. Occupy Wall Street Betting It All on May Day With Big TargetsThe protest movement has a lot riding on next week’s demonstrations, and their plans are pretty ambitious.
  34. Kerfuffles
    Occupy the Farm Protest in East Bay Isn’t Going AnywhereThe protesters descended on an unused piece of university-owned land in Albany on Sunday.
  35. Occupy Wall Street Evicted From Another BaseA group of demonstrators have been removed from a lower Manhattan loft where they lived for months.
  36. Occupy Wall Street Protester Can’t Block Twitter SubpoenaA judge ruled today that tweets are fair game in court.
  37. More Occupy Wall Street Protesters Arrested Down by Federal HallPuts this week’s tally somewhere north of twenty.
  38. OWS Protesters Get ‘First Amendment Rights Area’Federal Hall has temporary new boundaries.
  39. Vikram Pandit Gets Paid Too Much, Say Citigroup ShareholdersThey voted against an executive-compensation proposal.
  40. Occupy Wall Street Protesters Arrested for Pissing Off Local ResidentsA week of sidewalk sleepovers turned into an occupation of Federal Hall’s steps.
  41. NYPD Decides Occupy Wall Street’s Sidewalk Sleepovers Are IllegalPolice arrested four overnight protesters this morning.
  42. Occupy Wall Street Sidewalk Sleepovers Are Catching OnThis could be the momentum boost the movement needs.
  43. Occupy Wall Street Figured Out How to Have SleepoversProtesters slept outside legally around Union Square last night.
  44. A Zuccotti Park Reunion at Occupy.com’s Launch PartyProtesters occupied an East Village bar last night to celebrate a new media platform.
  45. The Strand Bookstore’s Unionized Workers Feeling the Pinch Set for pay freeze and fewer benefits in new contract.
  46. San Francisco Building Occupied During Occupy Wall Street Day of ActionAlso: marches in New York City, Boston, Oakland.
  47. Revealed: Celebrities Make Lousy OccupiersThe Awareness Experiment” deemed a failure.
  48. OWS Protesters March Against Police Brutality Arrests follow. 
  49. OWS Protestors Taunt Cops With Doughnuts on StringsReally, guys?
  50. occupy wall street
    Occupy Wall Street Fights Fire With FecesThe occupation faces down white-shirt police with buckets of bad news.
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