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  1. oh!
    Jeremy Renner Has Big ‘Kim Cattrall Scatting’ EnergySong of the Summer?
  2. oh!
    Just a Few Questions About Drake’s $750,000 ‘Erotic Watch’The watch he wore to Game Five of the NBA Finals had a very NSFW message on it.
  3. theater review
    Theater Review: Oh, Hello on BroadwayNothing like the impending loss of a rent-controlled apartment to inspire creativity.
  4. loose threads
    19 Lingering Questions About Pretty Little Liars That We Need AnsweredSo, uh, why did Noel Kahn even return?
  5. It Looks Like Tidal Accidentally Released Rihanna’s Album … Then Took It BackYikes.
  6. Blake Lively Made Out With a GiraffeA little girl-on-girl action.
  7. oh behive
    Solange Broke Out in Hives After Her WeddingYikes.
  8. hot men
    Male Gaze: Adam Levine’s Sexy SwaggerHe’s 90 percent of the reason we watch(ed) The Voice.
  9. Adorable Great-Grandma Helped Son-in-law Run Drug Ring From Harlem ApartmentAt least she got along with the son-in-law.
  10. mayoral feline puppies!!
    Alaskan Town Has Cat for MayorHis name is Stubbs and he’s been the mayor for fifteen years.
  11. the choice
    Fox Is Spoofing The Voice With a Dating ShowIt’s called The Choice, and there are spinning chairs.
  12. oh congress!
    Congress Somehow Manages to Become Even More UnpopularJust get it over with, John McCain.
  13. Stallone Is Making a Rocky MusicalIf every future headline uses the phrase “Rocky Road,” don’t say you weren’t warned.
  14. oh.
    Toms Shoes Founder Might Have Different Political Views Than Many People Wearing His Shoes [Updated]He’s apparently a Focus on the Family supporter.
  15. oh.
    Pirates Had an Arrrrsome YearEven though nobody was paying attention to them.
  16. great divorces
    New York Finally Gets No-Fault Divorce“New York has brought its divorce laws into the 21st century.”
  17. oh.
    BBC Presenter Decides to Admit That He Killed a Guy a While AgoBut it was a mercy killing, so it’s cool, kind of.
  18. oh albany!
    New York May Soon Stop Referring to Asian People As ‘Orientals’Yes, this is just happening.
  19. oh albany!
    Senate Democrat: Paterson Is a ‘Coke-Snorting, Staff-Banging Governor’This is where we’re at now.
  20. oh albany!
    Paterson Instructs Treasurer to Stop Paying SenatorsHe may or may not actually be allowed to do this.
  21. oh albany!
    Paterson’s Threats to Senators Working? They’d Never Admit ItBut it just might be.
  22. oh albany!
    Senate Democrats Hold a Brief, Meaningless Half-SessionThey didn’t even try to vote on anything.
  23. oh albany!
    Democrats Have Been Locked in Senate Chamber Since Six This MorningSo, that’s happening.
  24. oh albany!
    Marriage-Equality Scourge Ruben Diaz Has Gay Brothers, Best Friend (and a Soft Spot for Liza)The state senator who has pledged to fight against same-sex marriage until the end has a lot more ties to the gay world than you’d suspect.
  25. oh albany!
    Paterson Reaches Out to Squabbling Senate, Orders Them Again to Convene (Updated)Which they will, in some form, on Wednesday.
  26. oh albany!
    Senate Republicans Enter Chamber, Proceed With Their Own AgendaThe Democrats, meanwhile, remain silent on the sidelines.
  27. oh albany!
    More Madness in Albany: Democrats Lock Themselves in State Senate Chamber [Updated]And Pedro Espada is sneaking the press in to watch!
  28. oh albany!
    Power-Sharing Deal Gains Momentum in AlbanyGovernor Paterson’s threats worked, after all.
  29. oh albany!
    The State Senate Has Accomplished at Least One Thing Since Last WeekMaking sure that they get paid.
  30. oh albany!
    Albany Will Get to Ethics Reform at Some PointCompeting plans put ethics reform on hold.
  31. oh brooklyn
    Indoor Version of Brooklyn Flea Hits Dumbo This Weekend“More like a store and less like a ‘happening.’”
  32. Uptown
    Are Harlem’s Restaurants Worthy of Frank Bruni’s Attention?With a new restaurant and a private dining establishment coming, maybe it’s time to turn our attention uptown?
  33. Mediavore
    Revolt at Republic; Defining Organic MilkPlus: late-night ramen in Williamsburg, and Perbacco’s petition, all in our morning news roundup.