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Oh College!

  1. my two cents
    Help! Will My MFA Bankrupt Me for Life?Calculating the cost of self-fulfillment.
  2. oh college!
    Dartmouth Student Asks Rick Perry If He’d Have Anal Sex for Campaign DonationsCollege students: still extremely mature.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    U.C. Berkeley Explosion, Blackout Caused by Copper TheftThere were several injuries and a campus evacuation.
  4. just ask chuck schumer
    Chuck Schumer Endorses Caffeine, Drinking Outside But not study drugs.
  5. Your Stolen iPhone Was Probably in Queens With Some High TwentysomethingsCops found a “virtual orchard of Apple products.”
  6. oh college!
    Meet the SWUGs of Yale: Women ‘Washed Up’ at 21What other schools might call “senioritis” has turned into a viral meme in the Ivy League.
  7. sex ed
    Six Things We Learned About Periods From Temple’s Student Newspaper“No one prepares guys for how to handle their ladies’ menstrual cycle.”
  8. oh college!
    Vera Wang on the ‘Best Thing That Has Happened to [Her] This Summer’“I’m not proud of her — I am proud for her.”
  9. oh college!
    Yale Offers the Best, Most Ridiculous Class Ever“Dance Music and Nightlife Culture in New York City.”
  10. awesome things
    Syracuse Students Now Planning to Disrobe for Jamie DimonNow THIS should catch the JPMorgan CEO’s attention.
  11. oh college!
    Syracuse Students Protest Jamie Dimon by Dancing, FacebookingSigh.