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Oh Internet!

  1. oh internet!
    After Breaking the Internet, Kim Kardashian Fixes TwitterHow many people does it take to get an edit feature on Twitter? Just one: Kim Kardashian.
  2. oh internet!
    Taylor Swift Bought TaylorSwift.pornSorry, pervs.
  3. oh internet!
    Broad City’s Al Dente Dentist Is a Real Thing, and It’s DelightfulCrushed it.
  4. instagram czars
    So, What Hashtags Are Banned on Instagram?Protecting us against #pornography, #thinspiration, and #bubblebutts
  5. oh internet!
    Why Do Networks Still Use MySpace Buttons on Their Video Players?Do we really still need “share this on MySpace” functionality?
  6. oh internet!
    Want to Complain About the Tax Increase? There’s a Hashtag for ThatAnger in 140 characters.
  7. leap second
    Leap Second Gave the Internet a Really Bad HeadacheIt knocked out a dozen or so major websites.
  8. oh internet!
    Chatroulette Finally Making Some Money From All Those PenisesHow naked dudes provide the site with $100,000 a month.
  9. oh internet!
    Google Is a Muslim NowA secret Islamic message in its Veterans Day logo is upsetting perhaps half a dozen people.