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Oh New Jersey

  1. New Jersey Woman Narrates Extreme Weather in Most Annoying Way PossibleOMG.
  2. Cory Booker Knocks Washington in First Campaign AdWashington ducks our problems. I won’t.”
  3. r.i.p.
    Chris Christie Orders Half-Staff Flags for James GandolfiniA “true Jersey guy.”
  4. Sheila Oliver Wants to Make Cory Booker Fight for His BaseNew Jersey’s Democratic Assembly speaker jumps in.
  5. Frank Pallone Will Take on Cory Booker With Help From His Chevy ImpalaUnderscoring his middle class roots.
  6. Cory Booker Is Officially Running for New Jersey’s Senate Seat Get ready for even more tweeting.
  7. How Chris Christie Gamed Cory BookerAn October special election means the Newark mayor likely faces an unpleasant surprise.
  8. bad ideas
    Father of ‘Adolf Hitler’ Fights for Custody in Nazi UniformGood luck with that.
  9. New Jersey TGI Fridays Even Worse Than ImaginedThe chain restaurant was caught serving fake alcohol.
  10. Jersey City Mayor Had a Close Call With a BulletSomeone was shot outside a bar where he was campaigning.
  11. By the Way, Somebody Got Arrested for Bringing Explosives on NJ TransitCops didn’t make a big deal out of it.
  12. Former Newark Mayor Sharpe James Now a Random Crime VictimRobber didn’t know him, nor did a witness.
  13. Alleged Tick Tock Diner Plot Is a Meta Murder SchemeManager charged with hiring a hit man.
  14. New Jersey Will Be Covered in Giant Bugs SoonIt’s a once-in-17-years experience.
  15. Passaic Lottery Winner’s Persistence Pays OffWe won! We won! We’re not gonna be poor anymore!”
  16. Police: Women Lied About Menendez Paying for SexNow he only has to worry about the financial scandal.
  17. Senator Menendez’s Relationship With Donor Goes From Shady to Possibly IllegalIt’s the subject of a grand jury investigation.
  18. Gun-Toting, ‘Felon for Life’ Rapper Actually a CopGat the Great” doesn’t see what the big deal is.
  19. Tan Mom Won’t Face Child Endangerment ChargesShe’s free to continue endangering herself.
  20. New Jersey Lawmaker Likes Big Butts, Can LieHe “liked” a Facebook page for Big Booty Freaks.
  21. FBI Can’t Prove That Senator Bob Menendez Patronized Prostitutes But his scandal-plagued days are not over yet.
  22. Sen. Menendez Suggested Feds Shouldn’t Be So Hard on His Shady Doctor FriendHe was dropping the senator’s name as a character witness.
  23. Menendez Condemns ‘Smear,’ Forgot to Pay $60KWe’ve all been there.
  24. Don’t Get Too Excited, But Geraldo Rivera Might Run for SenateIn New Jersey, against Cory Booker, in the media’s dreams.
  25. Senator Bob Menendez Writes $58,500 Check for Not Doing Anything WrongJust in case.
  26. Senator Bob Menendez’s Friends Are Making Him Look Shady [Updated]The New Jersey lawmaker has multiple little scandals to worry about.
  27. Very Patriotic Man Arrested for Climbing Sunken Sandy Roller CoasterHe “did it for America.”
  28. Christie Foe Says the Gov. ‘Prayed’ for SandySo much for post-disaster bipartisanship.
  29. Prisoner Shoots Three Officers in New Jersey Police Station [Updated]Was shot and killed.
  30. Sunken Roller Coaster Will Not Remain As a Shrine to Death and DestructionThe mayor of Seaside Heights regrets his idea.
  31. Newark Police Broke Out the Pepper Spray at a Violent City Council MeetingAlmost everybody got a taste.
  32. ‘Tan Mom’ Stops Tanning, Loses That Leathery GlowSuccess!
  33. Pair Behind 9/11 Charity May Be Crooks, Not Former Navy SEALsBoth men have criminal records.
  34. Coast Guard Suspends Search Off New Jersey Coast After Another Apparent HoaxAgain, not cool.
  35. New York to Deprive Kids 16 and Under of the Right to TanThanks, crazy New Jersey tan mom.
  36. Tan Mom Might Not Be Tan for LongShe’s been banned by too many tanning salons.
  37. There’s Now an Action Figure for Tanorexic Jersey MotherIt can be yours for only $29.95.
  38. oh new jersey
    Classmate: Tanning-Obsessed Mother Has Always Been Abnormally TannedAnother dispatch on New Jersey’s tannest mother.
  39. Tan Woman Thinks You’re Just Jealous (and Fat)(And ugly.)
  40. New Jersey Woman Likes to TanDid she let her 6-year-old daughter tan?