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Oh Russia

  1. Russia Decides Transgender People Are Unfit to DriveReally.
  2. Russian Bombers Might Start Flying Patrol Missions Near U.S. Borders What, you weren’t already having nightmares about World War III?
  3. Russia Removed a Monument to Steve Jobs Because Tim Cook Is GayJobs is gay by association.
  4. Russia Is Building a Pro-Russia Theme Park in CrimeaIt will be the biggest amusement park in all the land.
  5. oh russia
    Putin’s Birthday Present: A Hercules Art ShowSeriously.
  6. Hong Kong Protests Are a U.S. Conspiracy Plot, Says RussiaJust like the ones in Kiev.
  7. Russian Media Ignores Olympic Non-Discrimination Standards Added After SochiNot like it happened because of Sochi or anything …
  8. Moscow’s Judgy New Park Benches Will Weigh You Whether You Like It or NotIn Russia, benches weigh you.
  9. Russia Claims U.S. Sanctions Are Driving Up AK PricesOn the secondary market.
  10. Moscow Takes a Break From Ukraine Fighting to Hate on Gays Some MoreIt’s not over.
  11. This Is Putin’s East Ukraine ‘Peace Plan’No one is surprised by how it looks.
  12. Putin Compares Ukraine to Nazi GermanyBut guys, they took Crimea democratically!
  13. Russia Is Opening Another Front Against UkraineRemember that glimmer of hope from yesterday? Yeah, no.
  14. Putin, Poroshenko at Least Making It Look Like They Don’t Want WarA Putin, a Poroshenko, and an Ashton land in Belarus …
  15. Russia Inching Closer to War in Ukraine With Convoy ‘Invasion’ And Ukraine calls it a “direct provocation.”
  16. Pro-Russia Rebels Get Racist Over FergusonThat’s always the appropriate response, right?
  17. Kremlin Propaganda Channel RT Launches a Propaganda-Themed U.S. Ad CampaignOn RT, TV watches you.
  18. Russia’s Aid Convoy Apparently Was a Trojan Horse After AllUnless you consider armored personnel carriers foodstuffs.
  19. Breaking Down Putin’s Lies About UkraineFact-checking the Russian president’s outlandish press conference.
  20. Pussy Riot Not Done Protesting, Getting ArrestedThe Olympics may be over, but it’s still Russia.
  21. Pussy Riot, Back in Balaclavas, Clash With Authorities Again in SochiThe protest group is making an impact at the Olympics.
  22. Russian Figure Skater Still Doesn’t Get Why Obama Banana Photo Is RacistIf you’re offended, “It means you have this problem inside you.”
  23. oh russia
    Irina Rodnina Apologizes for Racist Obama TweetFive months late and still terrible.